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New Immunization Submission Process Improves Efficiency for Students and Staff

​Submitting proof-of-immunization records is required by state law, not by DePaul, yet  students are blocked from future course registration if they do not comply with this law  within their first quarter of enrollment. Recent enhancements in the immunization submittal process have been critical to removing barriers for students to move forward with their academic plans.

In early October 2016, the Office of the University Registrar within Enrollment Management and Marketing, in collaboration with Information Services (IS), implemented a new and improved process that not only benefits students, but registrar staff as well. Previous to the upgrade, students would submit their records in-person, by mail or by fax. Now, students can make submissions online through a secure process in Campus Connect.

Implementation of this new online system began in February 2016, a month after the state of Illinois changed its immunization requirements to include additional vaccines for students.

“We’ve been preparing to revamp this process since June 2015,” shares Anthony Andrade, business system analyst in the Office of the University Registrar, who led the project. “So when the state made its announcement, we were able to incorporate the additional requirements as the new system was being formulated.”

Built within PeopleSoft, the new system includes a worklist of student submissions, allowing staff to more efficiently review and update students’ records. Online submissions also minimize data entry for staff; the amount of time to update records used to take up to five business days—now it routinely takes no more than one to two. With this improved operational efficiency, students can register for courses faster since holds are lifted more quickly.

The system also offers increased flexibility. It was designed to be easily adaptable to any future changes in state requirements. More still, registrar staff can make any necessary system updates without the need for IS intervention.

The registrar’s office is hopeful that this new online system will increase compliance and prevent a slow-down in enrollment as a result of immunization holds. Students can still submit their immunization records by fax, mail or in-person, but those methods are no longer advertised. The new submittal process is outlined on the admission website, and the registrar’s office now has an online tutorial and is working on updating FAQs to further assist students.

For more information on DePaul’s new immunization submittal process, contact Anthony Andrade, business system analyst in the Office of the University Registrar. Students with questions about the immunization requirements can be directed to DePaul Central.