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Leadership Transition in the Center for Access and Attainment

Darryl Arrington, assistant vice president of the Center for Access and Attainment
Darryl Arrington assumed leadership of the Center for Access and Attainment (CAA) within EMM in January 2017.  Arrington will serve as the assistant vice president of CAA, replacing the center’s co-founder, Brian Spittle, who retired after 30 years of service at DePaul.

Arrington’s appointment comes at a time of increasing and intensifying diversity dialogue at DePaul.  The change in leadership, combined with the current climate on campus and across the nation, presents an opportune time to evaluate CAA’s priorities and direction.

“We are so grateful for Brian’s contributions to the higher education access and attainment movement,” says David Kalsbeek, senior vice president of EMM.  “Brian’s work put DePaul at the center of national and international dialogue about these critical topics.

“While we’ll feel his absence, we’re very excited to have Darryl stepping into the role,” Kalsbeek explains. “Darryl's unique background and experiences will help him shape the center as it continues to evolve and sharpen its focus.”

The most obvious manifestation of DePaul’s commitment to its mission is through enrollment. To that end, Arrington will lead CAA’s efforts to grow partnerships that bolster enrollment pipelines for students of color and first-generation students. In addition, he’ll explore new scholarship opportunities and ways to leverage existing ones to optimize access and attainment. He’ll also serve on DePaul’s Executive Retention Group (XRG), elevating the discussion of progress and outcomes for traditionally underserved populations.

“As a double Demon, I am proud to serve DePaul and continue giving back,” says Arrington. “The number of high school graduates is declining so it is critical that we develop our pipelines and offer attractive programing to students. It is just as important that we continue to strengthen and expand the community of support available to our current students as they journey through transformative experiences at DePaul.”

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