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DePaul’s Record Spring Tuition Revenue Tops Budgeted Goal

DePaul enrolled 20,883 students this spring, generating a spring quarter university record $193.7 million in gross tuition revenue.  Total headcount exceeded the budgeted goal by 1 percent while revenue topped the budgeted goal of $193.4 million.

New student enrollment played a key role this spring.  DePaul enrolled 864 new students, 14 percent above the budgeted estimate and 11 percent more than last spring.  This marked the second consecutive spring that new student enrollment exceeded the budgeted target by over 10 percentage points.  The strong outcome was powered by new master’s students, who exceeded the budgeted expectation by 21 percent.  Three cohorts developed by the Corporate and Employer Outreach program, or CEO, accounted for 15 percent of all new master’s students.

Below are additional details based on the April 15 enrollment census:
  • Graduate enrollment is 6,851 students, 8 percent above the budgeted target and up 270 students (4 percent) from last spring.  Credit hours taken by graduate students increased by 3 percent over last year, generating $2.6 million more than last spring and $5.5 million over this year’s budgeted goal.
  • The increase in new master’s student enrollment is driven by KGSB.  KGSB enrolled 101more new students over last year, and 87 percent increase.  CEO cohorts with CDW, Walgreens and Fifth Third Bank accounted for 72 new KGSB students this spring.
  • Undergraduate enrollment is at 14,032 students, slightly below the budgeted target of 14,385 and down about 3 percent (463 students) from last year.  Credit hours taken by undergraduate students are down 3 percent from last year, but produced $0.5 million more than spring 2016.  Tuition revenue is $5.3 million below the budgeted target.
  • Online credit hours are the highest in history for spring term. The 35,255 online hours are a 10 percent increase over last year and account for 14 percent of all enrolled credits.