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DePaul Delivers Transfer Degree Programs to Harper College

Intensifying competition requires innovative responses for DePaul to retain its position as a top transfer institution.  A recently announced partnership with Harper College in Palatine, Ill., provides one example of how DePaul strategically delivers a transfer-friendly, affordable degree program.

Beginning in January 2018, DePaul will offer a BA in communications and media and a BS in information technology at Harper College’s University Center.  The partnership is a 2+2 pathway, meaning students will complete the first two years taking Harper courses, and the final two years taking courses taught by DePaul faculty at Harper College.

The 2+2 program helps students manage costs. Under the agreement, students complete half of the degree at Harper’s lower tuition rate and the other half from DePaul, with the end result a more affordable bachelor’s degree from a private university.

Convenience is another motivating factor.  Students will take all their courses at Harper College, providing them a consistent, familiar setting that is located close to where they live and work. 

“A growing number of students are working to manage college costs while balancing jobs and family commitments,” Harper College President Dr. Ken Ender said. “Having a strong strategic partner in DePaul University gives students a direct pathway to a high-quality degree, in a more convenient and affordable way.”

From DePaul’s perspective, this is an innovative, sustainable replacement to the suburban campus strategy.  Harper will take on all the facility-related overhead expenses and the marketing and recruitment responsibilities for the cohorts.  DePaul’s primary obligation is providing faculty onsite, as well as admissions, registration and academic advising support.

DePaul will start admitting students in September to the first two cohorts, with intended enrollment of at least twenty students per cohort.  Additional fields of study are under consideration to be added.

For more information about the Harper 2+2, please contact Lois Bishop, director of community college partnerships in EMM.