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Blue Demon Domain Streamlines Next Steps for Admitted Students

​Technological innovations have changed how universities interact with prospective students. Today’s potential enrollees expect to manage many of their transactions online through a straightforward and user-friendly interface, and they expect access to university resources on their own timeline, sometimes even instantaneously. In the hypercompetitive environment of college recruitment, how an institution manages these interactions can influence where a student ultimately enrolls.

Blue Demon Domain is one of the new tools DePaul has implemented to address prospective students’ expectations.  Launched on November 3, 2017, Blue Demon Domain is an online portal for applicants and admitted students that facilitates a wide range of tasks from monitoring the status of an application and receiving an admission decision to paying a tuition deposit and submitting immunization records. The portal is mobile responsive, providing even more flexibility by allowing prospective students to interact with DePaul on their preferred device.

The primary feature of Blue Demon Domain is the “Next Steps Checklist.” This functionality allows for a simple, accessible way for applicants to identify what they need to complete in order to enroll. It also takes them seamlessly to multiple sites in Campus Connect rather than asking them to learn and navigate an additional system.

Most of the checklist items are actionable the instant an applicant has been admitted. Checklist items that cannot be completed immediately will still be displayed, but contain a message indicating when they can revisit the item.

In addition to the Next Steps Checklist, Blue Demon Domain gives students access to:

  • An “Account Tools” section where they can access the application update form, and update their email, mailing or permanent address.
  • Contact information and a picture of their admission counselor.
  • The Class of 2022 Facebook group.
  • Registration for upcoming on-campus events.
  • Details for upcoming high school or community college visits at their school or in the surrounding area.
  • Feeds from Stories, DeBlogs, Twitter and Instagram.

Blue Demon Domain is DePaul’s latest implementation of Slate, the customer relationship management (or CRM) solution that is transforming how the university recruits students. The portal was developed collaboratively by EMM’s Undergraduate Admission, Recruitment Systems and Technology, Marketing Communications and Web Communications, as well as DePaul’s Information Services.

If you would like to learn more about Blue Demon Domain or Slate, please contact ​Carolyn Bylina​, director of Recruitment Systems and Technology.