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25 Year Club Luncheon

25 Year Club Luncheon

The 25 Year Club Luncheon is an annually held luncheon recognizing DePaul University's faculty and staff members who mark 25 years of full time service to the university.

Honorees are invited to a celebratory luncheon hosted by Rob Manuel​, president of DePaul University. Each honoree is given a token of appreciation for their service to the university. The 25 Year Club members are further honored by having their names added to public recognition plaques located on the Loop and Lincoln Park Campuses.

The 25 Year Club Luncheon was held on Thursday, Nov. 18, at DePaul’s Student Center in Lincoln Park.

University Marketing and Communications is responsible for coordinating the 25 Year Club Luncheon. If you have any questions regarding the 25 Year Club Luncheon, please call University Marketing and Communications at (312) 362-8253 or email .​​