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Internal Communications

The internal communications team works collaboratively with campus partners to develop and implement internal communications plans for major university initiatives and share relevant and timely news and information with the university community through a weekly newsletter. The goal of the team is to provide an effective flow of information between DePaul’s colleges and departments to boost employee engagement and improve the DePaul experience.

Communications Planning and Support

Members of the internal communications team provide communications planning and other support for new or significant initiatives and programs, as well as large changes in organizational structures and systems. They sit on university-wide teams, committees and task forces to advise on aspects of internal communications and to collect and organize information to share with the university community.


Internal communications is responsible for publishing DePaul Newsline, the trusted online news source for the DePaul community. All faculty, staff and students receive Newsline each week, an email digest containing feature stories and important announcements. Newsline also includes featured activities on campus, upcoming events, and faculty, staff and student appearances in the news.

Newsline welcomes contributions from its readers. If you have a story idea, please fill out this form or contact Newsline at

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