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About University Communications


Our mission is to enhance communications and relationships with DePaul’s many constituents. These include faculty, staff, students, the news media, other educators and the general public. With the creative use of diverse communications strategies, UC conveys the quality, diversity, vitality, preeminence and mission of DePaul. In turn, UC provides feedback to the university from these many audiences. Regardless of the public relations initiative or communication medium, our work reflects and supports the university’s strategic goals and priorities, through delivering impactful messages and thereby further enhancing the reputation of DePaul.

How We Serve DePaul University

UC emphasizes a planned, strategic approach to communications. We work with members of the DePaul community to develop and implement creative and effective ways to advance their communication goals and objectives.

UC communication specialists focus on:

  • Creating and/or supporting public relations opportunities to showcase DePaul’s role and achievements
  • Providing comprehensive communications plans, including management of the public’s perception of the university
  • Helping elevate the university’s profile in the region and state through publicizing the ventures and successes of our alliances and partnerships with businesses and nonprofit organizations, as well as with the arts and educational organizations across the region
  • Serving as a convener and adviser, providing creative, technical and editorial direction and support to the campus community
  • Helping units achieve their communications goals across all platforms and media
  • Publicizing the successes of the university, its students, faculty and staff to the public beyond our campus borders via traditional media as well as through direct communication with the public, fostering better understanding and support of the university
  • Serving as the primary disseminator of DePaul news to the campus through Newsline, the university calendar, and keeping primary stakeholders – faculty, staff and students – aware of events and accolades
  • Proactively and responsively working with news media to keep the public informed
  • Building and managing a searchable database of university experts
  • Enhancing the brand that DePaul has created over the course of its existence, and looking for ways to expand recognition of that brand and engender pride, affinity and positive morale through our communication

Through strategic communications planning, public relations, media relations and visual services, UC is responsible for helping tell ​DePaul’s story.