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Filming at DePaul

Filming on campus

DePaul University has strict guidelines for on-campus filming of any kind, and the university regulates the use of its name and corporate marks in film projects distributed outside DePaul. Please note, for the purposes of this policy, “film” refers to a photo, film or video shoot, or similar production.

Press and news media

Members of the news media must contact DePaul’s media relations team at or 312-241-9856 to arrange interviews or filming on campus.

Athletic requests

Any requests for Athletics filming should be directed to DePaul Athletics Communications and Digital Strategy.

External requests

All requests from groups outside of the DePaul community will need to come through University Communications. UC, in consultation with other university stakeholders, will grant or deny requests to film on campus. When submitting a request to, please provide answers to the following questions:

  • Will you meet the minimum requirement for insurance and agree to provide a certificate of insurance?
  • Type of project (feature film, television/web/streaming series, advertisement, corporate industrial, etc.)
  • When would you like filming to take place on campus?
  • What is the duration of filming (how many hours per day
  • Do you require assistance with finding the appropriate campus location?
    • If yes, please describe in detail
    • If not, please list specific locations requested including:
      • Name and/or address of building or outdoor location
      • Room number (if applicable)
  • What is the size of the film crew?
  • How much equipment will the crew have?
  • Is DePaul represented by mention of name or likeness?
  • What is the scope of the project?
    • Summary of storyline and any notes regarding the story’s relationship to DePaul (if applicable).
    • Notate any mention of DePaul University, its programs or people including page number and scene numbers (if applicable).
    • Notate scene number and page numbers (if applicable) for the specific location(s) for filming on DePaul properties.
DePaul reserves the right to deny approval of any filming for any reason. When filming is approved, UC will coordinate the university’s support for the project, including required supervision. Approval by the university may be revoked at any time if the university concludes that the filming interferes with university operations, is disruptive to faculty, students, staff or visitors, or otherwise is not in the best interests of the university.

DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) community members

Faculty, staff and students in the School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) should reach out to the SCA Production Office at to get started on their project. The SCA Production Office will loop in University Marketing and Communications as needed.

Other DePaul University community requests

Faculty, staff and students outside of the School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) do not need University  Communications approval for academic projects intended exclusively for classroom use. However, if the film will be externally distributed (i.e., film festival, non-DePaul television station, YouTube, or purchased by an outside producer or distributor) then approval must come from University Communications (contact information below).

If non-School of Cinematic Arts faculty, staff and students wish to use SCA equipment, they must follow SCA guidelines for filming either on or off campus. Inquiries can be sent to

Reserving filming space

For DePaul community members, indoor space reservations are made via 25Live using DePaul credentials. For spaces not found on 25Live, contact the space manager and/or event sponsor no less than 72 hours before filming. Lack of proper notice will be considered a reason to deny a filming request.

Weapons and stunt policies

Weapons and stunts for film use outside of SCA student films are not permitted without prior permission.

Other important information before filming begins

  • Faculty, staff and students must verify and concede to any filming restrictions specified in event contracts prior to filming.
  • Release forms are required for all student film projects:
    • Film crews shall honor the request of any students, faculty or staff members who decline to be filmed while on campus.
    • Digital copies of the signed release forms must be retained by the school/college from which it originates for the film/photography project for two years after completion of the project.
    • A complete list of release forms required for all student film projects can be found on the CDM webpage.
    • Audio of a conversation cannot be recorded without consent of the individual or individuals.
  • Signs must be posted in visible locations when filming crowd scenes to notify people they are being filmed.
  • Privacy must be respected and therefore no filming is allowed in bathrooms, exercise facilities, locker rooms, elevators or any areas of residence halls without prior consent.
  • Filming on days/hours when buildings are closed will be prohibited without special permission (fees may apply).
  • Filming should not interfere with normal flow of traffic or campus safety. Exits cannot be obstructed; equipment and staging cannot create tripping hazards.
  • Faculty, staff and student film crews should always carry DePaul IDs during filming to ensure Public Safety and university administrators can confirm that they are DePaul community members and not external entities filming commercially.
  • Faculty members who assign student film projects are responsible for making students aware of DePaul's policies for student filming on campus and ensuring students follow the rules and guidelines outlined in this and other appropriate university policies.
  • Once filming has begun, the space manager and/or event sponsor may withdraw permission at any time if the filming is determined to be disruptive to campus activities or university business.

Additional questions

For additional questions or to submit a request, contact