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DePaul Emeritus Society

DePaul University values the important and continuing contributions of its retired faculty and staff. In 2007, the Emeritus Professors Society and the Staff Emeritus Society merged into the DePaul Emeritus Society, which strengthens ties between the university and its retirees, and fosters their continued participation in the DePaul University community. The DePaul Emeritus Society (DES) is sponsored by the Office of Mission and Values.

Membership in the DES is open to all faculty and staff who have retired from the university with 20 years of full-time service and are 55 years or older; or have retired from the university with 10 years of full-time service and are 62 years or older. Retirees meeting these criteria are eligible for the university’s retiree health and prescription drug benefit package.

For past issues of the DES Newsletter or if you have questions or comments about the DePaul Emeritus Society contact Alice Farrell in the Division of Mission and Ministry, (312) 362-8822 or

For copies of DES Steering Committee meeting minutes, please contact Nancy Rospenda.

The 2019 DePaul Emeritus Society Luncheon date will be available soon.

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