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Semi Finalists Selected

Dear Members of the DePaul Community,

The search advisory committee continues its work to find the best person to serve as DePaul's next president. The committee met earlier this week to review our current pool of candidates and determine our semi-finalists.  

In late summer and early fall we conducted several listening sessions and solicited online feedback from the university community. From those sessions, we developed a set of opportunities and challenges for the president that were incorporated into the position prospectus provided to candidates. It also served as our guide as we evaluated each candidate. 

I am pleased to report that after careful deliberation the committee has selected several candidates to progress to the next phase of the process and be interviewed later this month. From that group, we hope to select a few candidates who will move forward to the final interviews. 


These finalists will be interviewed in early February by key constituents including vetting committees – student, faculty, staff, senior administrators, and board. The list of vetting committee members can be found here.​

Each vetting committee will submit to the search advisory committee a confidential report which lists the perceived strengths and potential areas for development for each finalist.  In late February, the search advisory committee will submit its own confidential report on the finalists, along with the vetting committee reports, to the board for their consideration.

I am grateful to the members of the search advisory committee and for our search partners at Isaacson Miller.  My thanks to all the members of the university community who have participated in the search process.


Judy Greffin

Chair, Presidential Search Committee