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Search Update - October 12, 2021

Dear Members of the DePaul Community,

The search for the thirteenth president of DePaul University is underway. The search committee and our consultant, Isaa​cson Miller, have heard from many stakeholders, reviewed and finalized the prospectus and placed the advertisement for the position nation-wide. Over the coming weeks, Isaacson Miller will be building a pipeline of potential candidates and following up on the candidate recommendations submitted by the DePaul community.

Thanks to all who have participated in this important process. More than 400 members of the university community have submitted feedback online regarding DePaul’s next president. Dozens more nominated possible candidates for the position. Many others participated in the various student, faculty and staff listening sessions conducted by our search partners from Isaacson Miller.

Taken together this feedback provided valuable insight into what we are looking for in the next president. It has been reflected in the prospectus for the position and will continue to guide our work.

Having observed most of the listening sessions myself, I am convinced more than ever that the DePaul community is passionate about our mission and committed to finding the best person to lead DePaul into the future.

Judy Greffin

Chair, Presidential Search Committee​