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Presidential Search Update - Feb. 2, 2022


Dear Members of the DePaul Community,​

Over the past several months, the Search Advisory Committee has worked diligently to identify prospective candidates so that a finalist slate could be presented to the vetting committees, and, in turn, to the Board of Trustees.     As the Committee progressed its work last week, a slate of four finalist candidates was approved to advance to finalist interviews in early February as originally scheduled; however, in the past 48 hours, two of the finalists informed us that they are unable to advance to the next stage due to personal considerations.


We prefer to have a full slate to present to the Board.  Given this preference, we plan to continue the work of the Search Advisory Committee to evaluate additional candidates.  We are optimistic that there are additional qualified candidates to join our current finalists.  As a result, we are rescheduling the finalist interviews to accommodate this change.  As a reminder, these finalist candidates will be interviewed by key constituents including vetting committees – student, faculty, staff, senior administrators, and board.


We greatly appreciate the ongoing work of the members of the Search Advisory Committee and the Vetting Committees and will continue to keep the University community abreast of ongoing developments in the search for the next President of DePaul University.


Judy Greffin

Chair, Search Advisory Committee