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Search Mid-Point Update

​​​Dear Members of the DePaul Community,

The presidential search is well underway, and I’d like to provide an update. After our initial work of listening to the DePaul community and publishing our prospectus, our search partners at Isaacson Miller are currently busy building a pool of candidates that reflects the feedback we’ve heard. I believe the process is going well.

Looking forward, the Search Advisory Committee will meet in early January to review the pool of candidates and narrow it to a group of semi-finalists to be interviewed in late January. After meeting with these candidates, the committee will again narrow the pool to a few candidates who will be recommended to the Board as finalists for the position. These candidates will be invited to campus in early February for sessions with key constituents including vetting committees – student, faculty, staff, senior administrators, and board. 

Here again, we’d like to hear from you regarding potential questions or topics for the vetting committees to consider asking the final candidates. Your feedback will be provided to the appropriate vetting committee for their consideration as they determine where to focus their attention during their sessions with the finalists. 

The opportunities and challenges listed in the position prospectus may prove helpful in determining questions or topics that you’d like to suggest.

Finally, we are still accepting candidate nominations for the position. If you would like to nominate an individual who might be considered as a candidate, or who might be a helpful source of leads, you may share that recommendation on the Isaacson Miller website

Thank you for your help with this critically important process. 

All the best during this holiday season. 

​​Judy Greffin

Chair, Presidential Search Committee​