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Faculty & Staff Support

​Do you have international students in your class or serve international students in your office? The International Resource Center (IRC) offers consultation services for faculty and staff as well as departments that serve international students. The IRC is committed to the academic success of international students and the improvement of their experience at DePaul University. 

Here are some ideas how the IRC can support you:

  • ​Consultation services on your student's English language needs, as well as their cultural and educational backgrounds
  • Brainstorming sessions on how to better serve international students in your class
  • Brief information sessions in your class about various IRC services
  • Offering workshops to your students in areas such as academic integrity, educational expectations, and cultural norms
  • Referring students to other IRC services, such as private language training

To learn more about the services the International Resource Center offers, please watch the video below.

If you have an​y questions, please contact us at​