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Student Testimonials

  • Rinrada Limvattanagul

    Rinrada Limvattanagul

    • Country: Thailand
    • English Level: High Intermediate
    • Statement: My favorite part of ELA is the Writing Center because there are a lot of activities for student and I love them. I want to say ELA is the best English course that I have studied before in Chicago. They have lovely and friendly staff who really help international students feel more comfortable to study English.
  • Mostafa Elkazmi

    Mostafa Elkazmi

    • Country: Libya
    • English Level: Advanced
    • Statement: I learned from my friends that DePaul program is one of best to improve my English academic language. So after a year experience with DePaul, I feel that my Academic language is enhanced and now it's better than previous one when I started.ELA program is similar as jet engine for airplane and to improve most skills that you look for, so I highly recommend you to take classes with ELA and you will thank me for this suggestion.
  • Nandinzaya Mishig

    Nandinzaya Mishig

    • Country: Mongolia
    • English Level: Advanced
    • Statement: One of my close friends who had studied before at the ELA recommended me this program. She had studied at the ELA for one year. After she finished this program, she got a scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania. The most impressive thing to me was that she has improved her English language skill very perfect within a year. This is why I have chosen the ELA program. If you are craving for improving your academic English language skills very effectively then the ELA is the only one I would highly recommend you. It is the program which is very valuable to attend. I bet that you will never regret about choosing this program. :):)
  • Ayaka Wakiguchi

    Ayaka Wakiguchi

    • Country: Japan
    • English Level: Intermediate
    • Statement: I asked which ESL-program is the Best in Chicago to many international students. They told me that if I went to DePaul ELA, no matter what I will improve English.My classmates who speak same language speak English each other even at the break time. That encourages me a lot and tells me all my classmates are purely focus on improving their English. If you want to learn academic English or serious about English, come to DePaul ELA.
  • Xiaoya (Shawna) Wang

    Xiaoya (Shawna) Wang

    • Country: China
    • English Level: University Bridge
    • Statement: My favorite part of ELA is I not only improved a lot in my English, but also learned many other skills, which will be beneficial for the graduate program. Going through the ELA program makes me feel more confident and prepared to study in the graduate school. Also, if you want to be ready for the real academic world in the U.S., come and join in ELA DePaul. You will get much more than just learning English.  
  • Marwa Alganai

    Marwa Alganai

    • Country: Kuwait
    • English Level: Advanced
    • Statement: I was searching for a serious writing course for long time. I entered one but I couldn't complete it. It was so commercial. It was waste of money and time. Professional writing is very important. It is the main thing that I will practice every day in my master degree. The teachers are amazing; all of them are the best teachers that I had in my life, so professional and so kind, Teaches with love and passion.
  • Teodoro Musa

    Teodoro Musa

    • Country: Agentina
    • English Level: Advanced
    • Statement: I chose DePaul mainly because of the city of Chicago, and DePaul’s reputation.My favorite part of the ELA program is the cultural exchange between people from different countries. It has very good teachers for each level, and a very good program of studies.
  • Jose Gregorio Garcia

    Jose Gregorio Garcia

    • Country: Colombia
    • English Level: Advanced
    • Statement: You should study English in ELA because it is one of the best places to do it. In addition, in ELA there are very different teachers that make the daily schedule more dynamic. ELA has many other tools to improve your English. For example, there are ELA tutors, laboratories, Writing Center, and many other activities to practice English while students can have fun.
  • Worku Yohanes Gebre

    Worku Yohanes Gebre

    • Country: Ethiopia
    • English Level: High Intermediate/Advanced
    • Statement: I am benefiting out of ELA program. Writing is one of my favorite parts, particularly intermediate writing, a level which I came to know many things about writing. Therefore, after my ELA program I planned to start my major which is M.Ed. at the same university. ELA program is very important and helpful.
  • Marta Zhuravel

    Marta Zhuravel

    • Country: Ukraine
    • English Level: Advanced
    • Statement: I picked DePaul’s English Language Academy because it is a great place to study with very good reputation. You can practice more English with native and foreign speakers. Also in ELA there are a lot of different cultures and nationalities you can meet and learn something new about cultures foreign for you. I will highly recommend choosing ELA, their teachers are well educated and will help you to improve you English skills for sure.
  • Faisal Alswied

    Faisal Alswied

    • Country: Saudi Arabia
    • English Level: University Bridge
    • Statement: DePaul’s English Language Academy is located in the heart of the city of Chicago where it attracts many students from around the globe. Therefore, the diversity is really high at ELA. I can list more reasons why ELA is a great school and why I picked it but I would limit that to two more reasons, which are the great reputation of DePaul and the teaching effectiveness. The teachers here are really friendly and willing to help during and after the classes. They don’t let you feel that there is a gap between the teacher and the student. This is what I like the most about ELA.
  • Elizandro Contreras

    Elizandro Contreras

    • Country: Dominican Republic
    • English Level: High Intermediate
    • Statement: I chose DePaul’s Language Academy because I heard that It is one of the best language academy in Chicago. I really like the methodology that ELA has to teach because it helps me to learn English better. I would say that if he or she really wants to learn English correctly, I highly recommended going to DePaul’s Language Academy.