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The costs and fees listed here are estimates. They are intended for you to use as a guide in planning your stay in Chicago at the English Language Academy (ELA).

Fee Due at Time of Application

Application Fee
(one-time non-refundable)

This fee may be paid online via credit card.

Fees for One Academic Term - Fall, Winter, Spring: 10 weeks

Class Fees (tuition) $3,595
*Health Insurance (F-1 visa holders only) Fall: $240
Winter: $180
Spring: $180
Testing Fee $40
Books (approximate) $250
Total Cost Fall: $4,217
Winter: $4,157
Spring: $4,157

*Please Note: New F-1 visa international students beginning their studies at DePaul University in Fall 2015 or later will automatically be enrolled in the ISO Student Health Plan. For more information about the ISO health insurance plan, click here​.

Fees for Summer Term: 8 weeks

Class Fees (tuition) $3,295
*Health Insurance (F-1 visa holders only) $120
Testing Fee $40
Books (estimate) $250
Total Cost $3,797

Fees for Summer English Language & Culture Program: 3.5 weeks

       Program Fee ( includes housing, airport pickup, transportation pass, insurance): $2,005

       Tuition Only ( excludes housing, airport pickup, insurance ):   $1,235

*Please Note: All ELA students are required to have major medical coverage that is valid in the United States. The cost of health insurance included in the above fees is applicable for F-1 student visa holders only. The range of health insurance options available for non-F-1 visa students in the United States is extensive. The ELA office can help applicants understand how to find a plan to suit their individual needs.

Explanation of Fees

Class Fees:
$3,595 Fall, Winter, Spring;
$3,295 Summer
Covers tuition for 4 ELA courses
Testing Fee: $40 Covers the cost of initial placement and Institutional TOEFL exams
Health Insurance: $60/month Cost of mandatory Health Insurance for all F-1 students
UPASS: $92 Discounted CTA rail and bus pass for full-time ELA students
Books: $250 (estimate) Students will buy their own books at the beginning of the term
Per-course Tuition: $925 Some students may choose to enroll in ELA courses on a part-time basis. Tuition for one course is $925, two courses $1850, and three courses $2775.