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Tuition & Scholarships


DePaul awards more than $26 million in scholarships each year. Scholarships are gift aid – you do not have to repay them or earn them by working They are awarded for academic excellence, strong leadership, service to your community and artistic talent. Find scholarship options by student type here:

Tuition & Estimated Living Expenses

​Undergraduate Programs Tuition Estimated​ Graduate Programs​ Tuition Estimated​
College of Computing & Digital Media (CDM)​ $37,020​ College of Computing & Digital Media (CDM)​ $26,080​
Driehaus College of Business ​$37,020 Kellstadt Graduate School of Business​ - MS Programs ​$32,640
College of Science and Health $37,020​ Kellstadt Graduate School of Business - MBA​ $48,960​
​College of Communication $37,020​ College of Law - LLM​ $36,000​
College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences​ $37,020​ College of Law - JD​ $45,860​
​College of Education $37,020​ ​College of Communication $22,880​
​The Theatre School $38,180​ ​College of Science and Health ​$22,240
​School of Music $38,180​ College of Education​ $19,840​
​School for New Learning ​$21,600 ​The Theatre School $34,430​
​Living and Health Insurance Expenses Estimate Dependent Expenses Estimate​
  • ​$15,600 a year (10 months) for all programs other than College of Law
  • $18,720 a year (12 months) for the College of Law
  • ​$5,000 for the first dependent, $4,000 for each additional dependent

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