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Update DPU Alert Contact Information

To update your information, please log into Campus Connection. Upon logging on, you will be prompted to update and/or confirm your contact information. To navigate to the page, select Self Service from the menu screen, then Personal Information, and then DPU Alert. This contact information will not be used for any other purpose.

Note: You now have the option to select voice and/or text messages for mobile numbers and are allowed to enter one additional email address to receive emergency messages.

You may want to enter the DPU Alert information into your contacts so you will recognize the inbound DPU Alert messages. The number for voice messages recently changed and will now originate from (312) 362-6226. Text messages will originate from one of two short codes: 226-787 or 67283. Email messages will be sent from Neither the phone number nor the email address will accept replies.

If you need to report a problem as a result of the test, please contact the Technology Support Center at or (312) 362-8765.​​​