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​​Whether you're a student who is undeclared, thinking of changing/adding a major or minor, or in the process of exploring other programs, OAAS can offer you help in the exploration process! Check out these stories from DePaul students who met with advisors in OAAS below. 

Alex, Current Student​​

"I originally chose to major in International Studies upon entering DePaul. I've always had global interests and intended to study abroad and pursue a foreign language. Truthfully, just from the name of the degree, I presumed it might be a good fit. ​
As a Sophomore, I began to take the first sequence of courses for INT. I remember sitting in class on the first day with a pit in my stomach. I decided the best thing to do would be to take the class as planned, but be incredibly reflective of how I felt along the way. The gut feeling did not go away. I spoke to friends, former professors and family who helped me reach the conclusion that I simply was not happy. ​

I began exploring a different path of academia on my own. I spoke to close friends majoring in the College of Communication, and immediately found our conversations interesting. After my own deep dive on the college's website, I realized what I was missing from INT might be there. That's when I decided to contact OAAS.
More than anything, meeting with OAAS was an experience of emotional validation. The faith that the office's advisors had in me was liberating. I left OAAS and the feeling in my stomach had subsided.
Yes, my OAAS advisor helped me decide what academic path I would pursue. But more importantly, our rapport alleviated the fog that clouded myself from seeing…me.​"​​​

Jill, Recent Alum

"I started undergrad with a major in Animation. I chose this major because, ironically, I felt pursuing Studio Art was too uncertain and scary, and somehow I told myself Animation was easier and more stable. I began reconsidering this decision in between my 2nd and 3rd quarter of my first year. I began learning about the competitiveness of Animation, the reliance on technology, the clear gender imbalance of males compared to females, and the expectation to live in a large city to turn this into a career. While I was skeptical, I felt like it was easier to just "stick it out" and see if it would grow on me after I learned more about Animation. I'll never forget taking 3D modeling at the start of my sophomore year -- this was the class that officially made me realize there was no "sticking it out" and I needed to make a big, scary, difficult decision: Changing my major!! I felt like changing my major was this taboo topic, and I think this misconception is why I stayed in a major that didn't suit me for as long as I did. Looking back, I wish I would've listened to my instincts and the support I had around me who would hint that they felt like a different major would suit me better. I was fortunate that my professor worked in the Academic Advising office and was a direct contact for me during this decision. 

My Academic Advisor from the OAAS office allowed me to realize this was not a decision I needed to make on my own, and he suggested different major options that gave me the space to consider the best major for me moving forward. We had conversations about what I disliked about my current major, what I wanted to gain in my new major, and even made sure my potential majors fit the timeline of my 4-year plan. This led me to select Studio Art as my new major, earn my BFA within my 4-year timeline, and go on to become an Art Teacher today. 

While it seemed scary and maybe even shameful to access on-campus resources, I would stress to all weary students: Have the tough conversations. Ask for advice. Use your resources. Know it's okay to change your mind. The ease I felt after switching my major was worth all of the uncertainty, anxiety, and stress that preceded my decision."