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Choosing a Major

​​​​We encourage you to take an active role in exploring your major options; the process requires you to engage in a variety of activities and reflect on your experience. The list below outlines a range of options to help you get started.​

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Wondering about all of the majors DePaul offers? Knowing your academic options and discovering ways to try them out are key pieces of your major decision process. Access the catalog's list of all undergraduate majors and minors.

Faced with many decisions, most college students feel uncertain about their career choices at some point. Talking to someone who's been there can help. The DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) offers a network of over 3,000 alumni and friends of DePaul who understand how important and sometimes challenging it could be to select a career that you would enjoy. Connecting with an ASK mentor gives you the chance to ask questions about a major or career and learn from other people's experiences. We invite you to speak to people from different fields so you can compare. To find out how to connect with ASK mentors, visit

You probably keep hearing that Chicago has a lot to offer, but are you fully taking advantage of the city’s many resources? Whatever your interests, there is sure to be a lecture, meet-up group, film, museum, book reading or conference that helps you explore them further.

Faculty are experts in their field and can offer insight into the programs you’re considering. Ask them about significant classes in the major, innovations in the field, research opportunities, graduate school and how alumni have used their degree post-graduation.