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Zac Edmonds

Where did you go to school?
I completed my Bachelor’s degree in History and Master’s degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse right here at DePaul University.

What were your majors/minors in undergrad?
As an undergraduate student, I majored in History with a minor in Classical Studies.

Favorite class in college?
My favorite class would have to be one called Art & Power in Early Christian Rome. It looked at how art influenced and was influenced by politics, religion, and culture at a time when so many changes were taking place in Rome. It taught me that art is often so much more than the painting, sculpture, etc. itself, but can be a window into so many other aspects of society.

If you weren’t an academic advisor, what would you be doing?
I love being in the classroom and learning. If I weren’t an academic advisor, I think I’d be teaching history courses at the college level. I think that’s still a future goal for me.

Three of your favorite things?
Playing the guitar, travel, and reading a good book in a cozy chair.