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Christmas From DePaul

​​​​Event Information

Join us for the wondrous retelling of the birth of Christ in word and song. This virtual performance features the talents of DePaul faculty, staff and students, and alumni.


Christmas from DePaul is offered as a gift to the community. As we celebrate this joyous season together, we answer the question at the core of our Catholic, Vincentian mission, “What Must Be Done?”

Please remember those in need and consider giving to DePaul’s student pantry and/or the St. Vincent de Paul parish.

About the DePaul Student Food Pantry

The DePaul Student Food Pantry, located in the Lincoln Park Student Center, opened in February 2020 with the sole purpose of being a resource for our students who need it. Since February, students have taken good advantage of this resource even as we have continued to navigate through this pandemic. The pantry relies heavily on food and toiletry donations as well as financial donations from our DePaul community. The pantry is honored to be featured as a donation site in this year’s Christmas from DePaul program.

About St. Vincent de Paul Parish Services

The Saint Vincent’s Mother Seton Food Pantry and Sandwich Window began in 1980 in a small room in the Parish center. Working poor families, parents of young children, and the elderly are among those who need Mother Seton Food Pantry and Sandwich Window assistance to help make ends meet.

During the year, parishioner volunteers serve in the soup kitchen 6 days per week, and average 100 meals per day. In the course of the year, we serve over 30,000 sandwiches, about 1,000 special holiday meals, and 45,000 cups of coffee. In addition to parishioners, DePaul faculty, staff, and students volunteer on what has come to be known as DePaul Mondays. The number of households the Mother Seton Food Pantry serves on a monthly basis is over 50 households, or 75 people. The food pantry also provides groceries to DePaul University students who are food insecure.

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