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Faculty & Staff Headshots new dates available for October 27 and 28

​​​​​​Faculty, staff and student employee headshots are now available for October 27-28, 2021.

Register for an appointment​

Appointments are limited in keeping with City of Chicago guidance and good public health practice to maintain physical distancing to the extent possible.

In order to maintain social distancing and avoid congestion in and around the photo studio, walk-in appointments will not be accepted.

At this time, we are only holding portrait days on the Loop Campus where the UMC Visuals studio is located via our virtual line registration process.​

For people with a photo appointment:

Photos will be taken in the DePaul University Marketing and Communications studio located at 55 E. Jackson Boulevard, 20th Floor, Suite 2000.
The Visual Services team will be using a real-time virtual line system. All guests will automatically receive a confirmation SMS or email with details about their portrait appointment and a link to track their place in line before they arrive to the UMC studio. Guests will also be automatically notified when it's their turn. Please be sure to arrive promptly on time and bring your DePaul I.D.

Please contact us with questions.