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Global Engagement

DePaul has an extensive global presence that, true to its mission, focuses on community partnership and service. The university sponsors initiatives in more than 40 countries, including study abroad opportunities, overseas degree programs, faculty research, service projects and academic curricula consulting and partnerships.

Global Engagement contributes to DePaul University’s internationalization efforts through international student recruitment, immigration and acculturation advising, English language instruction, faculty support and providing students with a broad portfolio of education opportunities abroad. Global Engagement provides support services for all international students, which includes students on non-immigrant student visas, as well as students who were educated outside the United States, each bringing valuable international perspectives to the DePaul Community. 

Global Engagement Facts & Stats

  • Global Engagement advises the entire international student population at DePaul – over 2500 students and scholars from more than 100 countries - and supports them in their acculturation to American life and university study.
  • New undergraduate students come to DePaul to study every year through student recruitment tours around the world, transfer agreements with foreign institutions and government programs and organizations.
  • International students make up over 9 percent of the overall student body at DePaul, contributing significant revenue to the university and bringing invaluable cultural diversity and global perspective to DePaul’s classrooms.
  • Study abroad offers more than 70 programs in over 40 countries, and almost 1000 students study abroad each academic year. 
  • DePaul distributes more than $100,000 in scholarships and institutional support to help students participate in study abroad
  • DePaul is home to a vibrant academic intensive English language program in the English Language Academy (ELA), which serves almost 300 students a year from over 40 different countries
  • Global Engagement’s English Language Academy (ELA) responds to a growing need amongst DePaul faculty, teaching in increasingly global classrooms across the university, by consulting with faculty and providing applicable tools and resources to academic units throughout DePaul.
  • DePaul offers “conditional admission” to international students who reach all admission criteria except the English language requirement to be admitted to DePaul.  Conditionally admitted students take courses at the ELA until they reach the required English level to succeed in DePaul’s classrooms. 
  • 90 percent of international students have expressed satisfaction with their overall experience while studying at DePaul, according to surveys submitted through the International Student Barometer. This data includes 92 percent satisfaction with the overall support they receive at DePaul, 90 percent satisfaction with the services offered by International Student and Scholar Services, and 97 percent of students who feel they are taught by professors who are experts in their field.