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College of Education

The College of Education (COE) prepares educators at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. COE students are actively involved in learning, analyzing, discussing, assessing, and applying their knowledge and skills in educational settings.

  • The COE enrolled 1391 students (452 undergraduates and 939 graduates) during Autumn Quarter 2018.
  • DePaul’s COE has increased its market share and now ranks third among colleges of education in Illinois, following for-profit universities, Concordia and National Louis.
  • The COE Doctorate Program has experienced record breaking numbers of enrolled students, Fall enrollment has increased over 400% since 2012.
  • The COE currently collaborates with more than 300 Chicago area public and private schools, hospitals, community agencies, and higher education offices through a host of innovative programs.
  • More than 3,000 COE graduates are employed as teachers, principals, and administrators in the Chicago area.
  • 89% of COE 2017 graduates with a Bachelor’s degree and 93% of graduates with a Master’s degree are employed after graduation.
  • The Office of Innovative Professional Learning (OIPL), under the direction of Donna Kiel, instructional assistant professor, provides customized professional development, mentoring, coaching, program evaluation, and micro-credential learning programs to individuals from all sectors, public and private schools, and businesses, and organizations throughout Chicago, nationally, and internationally. Individuals or organizations seeking to create solutions and experience new success in all aspects of professional work may access OIPL services. The Office of Innovative Professional Learning is a leader in the area of micro-credentialing. Customized micro-credentials offered through OIPL provide professionals with affordable, expedient, personalized, competency-based learning to advance skills leading to professional success. Some micro-credential programs include; the Success Factor, Lesson Study, Faith Leadership, Innovative Teaching, Creating Success, Finding Purpose, and Transformational Leadership. OIPL has provided professional development to over 3,000 professionals. OIPL’s global connection has resulted in innovative professional development services to numerous schools and universities in Beijing, China. OIPL has facilitated the training of over 1,000 teachers throughout China in innovative practices of building creativity, success, and excellence. OIPL partners include several Chicago Public Schools, the Office of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago, private and charter school networks, Rosalind Franklin University of Medical Sciences, Rush University Medical Center, and other local and national organizations. OIPL is one of the few organizations to offer a fully online International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate (IBEC) in Teaching and Learning that is endorsed and approved by the International Baccalaureate Organization. The IBEC is competency-based learning experience that provides professionals with the needed skills to teach in an IB World school in either the Middle Years Program (MYP) or Diploma Program (DP). The IBEC has enrolled professionals throughout the United States and internationally. Graduates of the IBEC include professionals from China, South Korea, Kuwait, Japan, India, and Egypt. Learners in the IBEC program represent 37 countries. The IBEC is an example of educational innovation and practical and meaningful use of competency based, online learning.
  • The Stockyard Institute, founded by Jim Duignan, associate professor, is an arts and pedagogical initiative that establishes collaborative, community-wide arts and education projects with youth, teachers, artists, and residents deep inside Chicago communities. The Stockyard Institute coordinates with area schools, youth centers, cultural organizations, and community facilities to design and organize temporary public art projects and sustainable art and education programs. Since its inception in 1995, the Stockyard Institute has connected with thousands of DePaul University students, local teachers, youth, and community residents building, teaching, exhibiting, exchanging, and publishing projects in Chicago, the U.S., and around the world. Recent projects, artworks, and ideas of the Stockyard institute and Jim Duignan have been exhibited at the Hyde Park Art Center and Smart Museum (2017), Chicago Cultural Center, Reykjavik Art Museum, Public Art Saint Paul, (2016), Brooklyn’s interference Archive and 6018North in Chicago (2015), and Hull House Museum, Kochi-Muziris Biennial, Sullivan Galleries, EXPO Chicago, and Columbia College (2014).
  • The COE has maintained a 5-year creative collaboration with Bernhard Moos Elementary School, in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. To date, over 120 COE students have completed their student teaching and field experiences at the school. The International Baccalaureate training program, developed by the Office of Innovative Professional Learning was piloted at the school and The Stockyard Institute has set up a satellite space on the 3rd floor of Moos to work on projects with the school and its community.
  • DePaul and the international nonprofit organization, Facing History and Ourselves, announced a first-of-its-kind, multiyear collaboration in 2012 to incorporate Facing History’s acclaimed resources, materials, and classroom strategies on civic engagement throughout programs for working and aspiring teachers studying at COE. The collaboration is the first of its kind between Facing History and a university college of education and was made possible through a generous gift from DePaul Trustee and alumnus Jack Greenberg and his wife, Donna. The Collaboration fully implemented and now in its eighth year, has impacted approximately over 4000 stakeholders in education. The collaboration is directed by James Wolfinger, associate dean and professor, is director of the collaboration and associate professors Melissa Ockerman and Dr. Barbara Rieckhoff are coordinators.
  • The DePaul University Institute for Daisaku Ikeda Studies in Education, established in April 2015 and directed by Jason Goulah, associate professor, is the first-such university-affiliated institute in the United States, North America, and in the Anglophone academy worldwide dedicated to researching the philosophies and practices of renowned Japanese educators Daisaku Ikeda, Josei Toda, and Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. The Institute provides workshops and symposia on these to students, educators, counselors, academics, and educational leaders in the greater Chicago area. In December 2016, Goulah and Fr. Holtschneider traveled to Japan to award an honorary doctorate to Daisaku Ikeda, namesake of the DePaul University Institute for Daisaku Ikeda Studies in Education, and to begin discussions about forming exchange agreements between DePaul University and Soka University (Tokyo).
  • The Education Counseling Center (ECC), directed by Martha Mason, serves as a training clinic for the COE. The center offers an opportunity for community members to access quality and affordable services while simultaneously preparing students to utilize evidence-based practices in their respective professions. On average the ECC provides services for approximately 200 families each week. All service hours are supervised by the ECC director and are tied to courses within the COE, completed as internship hours, or are facilitated by COE student volunteers developing skills to work with youth. Services include individual and group counseling, literacy assessment and remediation, math remediation, tutoring, professional development, special groups, and various summer camps. The ECC collaborates with organizations such as the Penedo Organization and the Chicago Youth Program to offer after-school and summer support services. The ECC also has a permanent extension at Moos Elementary School where counseling services are provided during the school day.
  • The Golden Apple Foundation Scholars Program provides evidence-based teacher support and tuition funding for aspiring teachers. Twenty Golden Apple Scholars currently are pursuing a degree in the College of Education, Four of who are new scholars for the 2018-19 academic years. Horace R.Hall, associate professor, serves as faculty liaison for the Golden Apple Program.
  • For the sixth consecutive year, Nell Cobb, program founder and director and associate professor invited middle school girls in the Chicago-area to a three-week summer camp followed by a two month Saturday fall follow-up experience. Quinetta Shelby, chair of the Chemistry department, joined as co-director in 2017. For the third year, the DePaul Inspiring Stem in Girls (inSTEM) program will host high school mentors, consisting of former inSTEM participants, on campus for a one-week residential professional development opportunity in preparation for the summer camp component of the program. The inSTEM program has been made possible by several grants including Motorola Solutions, Math Association of America (MAA), The Chicago Department of Family Support Services (DFSS) - Innovation Project and funds raised by College of Education Dean’s Advisory Board members and Blinderman Construction Co. The inSTEM program will be offered again in the summer and fall of 2019.
  • Associate professors Fr. Anthony Dosen and Barbara Rieckhoff developed a program with the Big Shoulders Fund for a Catholic Leadership Development Program. Students who wish to pursue leadership roles in Catholic schools enroll in the COE’s principal preparation program and DePaul and Big Shoulders support a portion of their tuition. Graduates of the program make a commitment to work and lead Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago.
  • During 2016-17, three COE students are recipients of the scholarship and are currently pursuing graduate degrees
  • The COE continued its partnership with the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) during summer 2016 and offered cohorts in special education, early childhood education, and educational leadership.
  • COE faculty is involved in local, state and federal bodies impacting education, including the following boards and service to publications. Recent appointments include:
    • Jennifer L. Cannon, assistant professor, joined the editorial board of the Counseling and Values journal.
    • Roxanne Owens, associate professor, is the lead editor of the double blind, peer reviewed Illinois Reading council journal.
    • Marie Donovan, associate professor, was re-elected as chair of the Faculty Advisory Council to the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
    • Mindy Kalchman, associate professor, was appointed to the prestigious Teaching Children Mathematics editorial board.
    • Rebecca Michel, assistant professor, joined the editorial board of The Professional Counselor, the official journal of the National Board for Certified Counselors, and was named the Illinois Counselor Educator of the Year.
    • Sonia Soltero was invited to serve on the Illinois State Board of Education Committee for Developing Standards for Pre-service ESL, BE and General Education Teachers, as well as the National Bilingual Education Standards Committee.
  • COE faculty actively contributes scholarly works to the profession and is recognized as experts in their fields. Recent publications include:
    • Jennifer L. Cannon, assistant professor, published with a colleague, Attachment injuries with bisexual clients and their mono sexual partners during the coming out process in the Journal of Bisexuality (2019).
    • Jason Goulah, associate professor, contributed a chapter to the SAGE Guide to Curriculum in Education, which won the 2016 American Educational Studies Association Critics Choice Book Award.
    • Sonia Soltero, associate professor, published her third book entitled Dual Language Education: Program Implementation and Design (2016).
    • John Taccarino, associate professor, published S (Success)-Factor: The Psychological Roots of Success (2016).
    • James Wolfinger, professor, published his book running the Rails: Capital and Labor in the Philadelphia Transit Industry by Cornell University Press (2016).
    • Karen Monkman, professor, is on the advisory board of two nonprofit organizations: Forefronts, and Civic Leadership Foundation (CLF).
    • Eva Patrikakou, professor, serves as a member on the editorial review board of the School Community Journal.
    • The last two ASCA National School Counselors of the Year were DePaul Grads Kristen Perry (past) and Brian Coleman (current).
  • The COE offers eight undergraduate degree programs: early childhood education, elementary education, exercise science, middle grades education, physical education, secondary education, special education, and world languages education.
  • The COE offers twelve master’s degree programs in bilingual-bicultural education; counseling, curriculum studies, early childhood education, educational leadership, elementary education, middle grades education, secondary education, social and cultural foundations in educations, special education, sport, fitness and recreation leadership, and world languages education.
  • The COE offers eight undergraduate minors in bilingual-bicultural education, coaching, early childhood education, educational studies, English as a second language, English as a second language/bilingual education combined, health, physical education, special education and exceptionality and learning, and a certificate program in social and cultural foundations in education.
  • The COE offers three fully online programs: educational leadership, special education (LBS1) endorsement, sport, fitness and recreation leadership and Illinois school nurse.
  • The COE offers a doctorate degree in three programs: curriculum studies, early childhood education, and educational leadership. The Doctorate Program has grown in the past three years to record numbers. Graduates of the program are superintendents, principals, assistant principals, teachers in public and catholic schools, higher education administrators, faculty program directors, and education consultants throughout Chicago, the Midwest, and the nation. In 2015-16 the COE launched two new cohorts; Fraternal Order of the Police and Naperville.
  • The COE offers twelve licensure an endorsement programs, three special certificate programs, and customized professional development through the Office of Innovative Professional learning, for Current and aspiring teachers, counselors, education specialist, and leaders who are interested in furthering their professional development and enhancing their credentials.
  • The edTPA Illinois State Licensure Assessment System, a new state requirement for teacher licensure, has been fully implemented throughout all COE licensure Programs. 100% of elementary education and special education 2016 graduates passed the assessment on their first try and the College had an overall 94.76% pass rate (235 students were tested)
  • Jim Duignan was awarded in 2019 by Envisioning Justice, Illinois Humanities Council, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago; New Work, Astrid Noacks Atelier, Rådmandsgade 34, 2200 København N. By Envisioning Justice commissioned artist, Illinois Humanities, Funded by MacArthur Foundation. He was Awarded $100.000.00 in 2019 by Weitz Family Foundation. He was referred to as Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent by Ralph Arnold Gallery of Loyola University, Chicago, IL.
  • Wrong Man Beating Up the Wrong Guy: 68+50, Co Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, August 31 Donna, Stamps Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI January 19 – February 25.
  • Sheehy, C. J. (Ed.) (2018) Pollinators at the Plains, Christine Baeumler’s Defiant Garden for Plains Art Museum, Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND.
  • Duignan, J. (2018) Lumpen Magazine, 1968, Public Media Institute, Chicago
  • Baggesen, L. & Brackman, Y. (2018) Poor and Needy Exhibition catalogue, Poor Farm Press, WI / Krabbesholm, DK

Paul Zionts

Paul Zionts was appointed dean of the College of Education in July 2009. Zionts is the author, co-author or editor of five books and more than 25 articles and chapters. A professor of special education, his research interests include educating children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders, cognitive behavioral interventions and classroom management. Before joining DePaul, he served as dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan-Dearborn from 2005-2009. He previously served as a professor and chair of educational foundations and special services at Kent State University and as professor at Central Michigan University.


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