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Emergency Info

Security and safety information including campus emergency operations plans are available at: and Campus Emergency Operations Plan pdf.

Cancellations and Closures

In the event of a large-scale class cancellation or closure, a University-wide e-mail will be issued. A voicemail message will also be posted on the University’s general announcement line at 312/362-6226 or main telephone number at 312/362-8000. Additionally, the DPU Alert system may be utilized. The University will report campus closures or class cancellations to all appropriate media outlets and to the Emergency Closing Center, a communal source of information used by local television and radio stations. Isolated class cancellations will be handled more personally on a smaller scale, as required by the situation.

DPU Alerts

DPU Alert is DePaul’s direct emergency notification system. DPU Alert can notify the DePaul University community simultaneously in up to three different ways: via telephone, e-mail and text message. DePaul will send DPU Alerts in emergencies and will follow all appropriate privacy procedures in maintaining this information. 

Ensure your contact information is correct by logging into Campus Connect, select Self Service, then Personal Information, and then DPU/Academic Alert.  Please input your complete email address and enter at least one phone number.  You may choose to receive a voice message and/or a text message.

Contact Information 

Because email is a critical communication tool, it is important that students, faculty and staff keep their demographic portfolio updated in Campus Connect. Please check that site to ensure you have reported your most current off-hours contact information, and update it whenever you move or obtain a new phone number.

Emergency Closing Center

In addition, the Emergency Closing Center has established a website at where you can enter the name of your campus or its main phone number and check the status. If you see "No Report" that means DePaul is open for business as usual. Each of DePaul’s campuses is listed separately. This site also offers you the opportunity to receive an automatic email when your campus status has changed.

DePaul Home Page 

DePaul Emergency Announcement Telephone Line 


Emergency Closing Center

Public Safety Dispatch

773-325-7777 (Lincoln Park Campus)
312-362-8400 (Loop Campus)

Campus Escorts (Available only on Lincoln Park Campus)


Student Affairs

773-325-4852 (Lincoln Park Campus)
312-362-5680 (Loop Campus)

Dean of Students

773-325-7290 (Lincoln Park Campus)
312-362-8066 (Loop Campus)

DePaul Central (And Student Financial Accounts)


University Counseling & Psychological Services

773-325-CARE (2273)

Residential Education Office


University Ministry

773-325-7902 (Lincoln Park Campus)
312-362-6910 (Loop Campus)

Multicultural Student Success


Health Services (Presence Sage)


Center for Students With Disabilities (TTY)

773-325-1677 (Voice | Lincoln Park Campus)
312-362-8002 (Voice | Loop Campus)
773-325-7276 (TTY)

International Student and Scholars Services


Student Involvement

773-325-7361 (Lincoln Park Campus)
312-362-5015 (Loop Campus)