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Ensure a welcoming, engaging, diverse, and inclusive campus environment

DEPAUL REAFFIRMS ITS COMMITMENT TO BE AN INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY THAT DRAWS ON DIVERSITY AS A SOURCE OF LEARNING AND UNDERSTANDING. It is our collective responsibility—as faculty, staff, and students—to support this commitment, which is grounded in our core values as a Catholic and Vincentian institution. We believe that a diverse community is essential to preparing students to engage the complexity of the world today, and we commit to recruiting and retaining faculty and staff to reflect the rich, vibrant diversity of our student body. We will nurture an inclusive and welcoming community in which every member is empowered to express themselves fully and supported to realize their full potential. Together, we dedicate ourselves to engaging all students, faculty, and staff more deeply in the life of the university to improve their sense of belonging and their overall experience at DePaul.

 2.1 Create an inclusive and engaging experience for all students

A. Coordinate student welcome programs to ensure all students receive a comprehensive introduction to the university.
B. Establish a student academic convocation and enhance other university traditions.
C. Strengthen programs that serve students of color, first-generation students, low-income students, and LGBTQIA+ students to broaden participation.
D. Engage students in co-curricular activities on Fridays.
E. Establish funding to support academic program-based student groups and activities.
F. Expand student-to-student and alumni-to-student mentoring programs.
G. Improve use of physical spaces and our website for building student and faculty community.
H. Leverage university departments, such as athletics, to strengthen community and enhance campus life.
I. Use the Fullerton Arts and Culture Corridor to strengthen the relationship between the DePaul community and the neighborhood.

 2.2 Commit to a respectful and inclusive workplace environment, welcoming of all staff and supportive of their career development, retention, and success

A. Increase diversity within the ranks of administrative and management leadership.
B. Promote and strengthen leadership, professional development, and diversity programs for staff.
C. Provide diversity training for staff hiring managers.

 2.3 Increase the diversity of DePaul’s full-time and part-time faculty in each college and ensure an inclusive, welcoming community for all faculty

A. Implement diversity training for academic units, in particular for personnel committees and unit leadership.
B. Strengthen diversity training for full-time faculty search committees and develop diversity-supportive hiring processes for full-time and part-time faculty.
C. Strengthen mentoring programs for faculty.
D. Pilot a faculty recruitment and retention fund to support competitive offers that enhance a unit’s diversity.
E. Improve communication and engagement with adjunct faculty.