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Meet Current Students: Global Ambassador Program (GAP)​

DePaul's Global Ambassadors are a group of dedicated undergraduate international students who work closely with International Admission. The Global Ambassadors assist prospective and admitted undergraduate students with any questions about academics, student life or living in Chicago.

These Global Ambassadors are more than happy to discuss aspects of DePaul with you, as well as their adjustment to making our unique campuses and city home.  
Global Ambassador Program
Contact the Global Ambassadors at for more information.​​​

Become a Global Ambassador!

International Admission is currently recruiting Global Ambassadors for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Global Ambassador Program (GAP) is a scholarship opportunity for current undergraduate international students.  Global Ambassadors share their experience and connect with prospective and admitted international students.  More information can be found on the Global Ambassador Brochure​​.

Please submit all of the following materials in one package to the International Admission office​ by June 2, 2017 for consideration for the 2017-2018 academic year:

1. Review the Global Ambassador Brochure​ for requirements. 
2. Download and complete the GAP Application​.  
3. One-page personal statement answering the questions in the application.
4. A copy of your unofficial university transcript indicating a minimum GPA of 3.0
*​Qualified applicants will be invited for an interview with International Admission. 

Learn more about each ambassador below:

Carmen Khor - Malaysia

Name: Carmen Khor 

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Area of study: Public Relations and Adver​tising (major) & Marketing (minor)

I chose my major be​​cause…

I love branding and everything about it. From its social influence to the power it possesses. Since brands and consumption are culturally embedded into our social identity, I have always dreamed of nurturing a brand that is ecol​ogically and economically sustainable, instead of it being purely profit-driven. I stand for ethical business conduct and I have chosen to play my part with my current field of study.

My favorite thing to do on campus is…

​Study in the quiet section of the Loop library (it’s my ultimate tip for mid-term and finals week). It’s less crowded than the Richardson library in Lincoln Park and I find myself to be twice as productive if I am working in the library.

When I have free time in Chicago, I…

Go to a local farmer’s market! It’s very different from shopping at a chain store like Target or Wal-Mart. I like shopping for fresh, natural, and organic produce and in-season crops. My favorite items to get at a farmer’s market are honey and fresh flower bouquets.

One positive thing I’ve learned about myself since coming to DePaul is…

Never lose yourself in the process of exploration. Since coming to Chicago and being a student at DePaul, I’ve had countless opportunities to meet people from all around the world, experiencing new things and learning about various cultures. But that has also taught me to be more secure in my own skin and encouraged me to be more confident about what I have to bring to the table.

After graduation, I’d like to…

Work at a Chicago PR agency for at le​​ast one year and travel to the major cities in the U.S.—New York, San Francisco and Dallas.

Marco Ferri - Italy

​Name: Marco Ferri

Hometown: Milan, Italy

Area of study: Computer Science

I chose my major because…

I grew up tinkering with computers and live​d first-hand the rise in popularity of the Internet. I love how much of an equalizer technology is: it empowers anyone with a computer, some knowledge and an Internet access to change the world. I decided to continue learning about com​puters in an academic setting because programming has now become a necessary tool to do research, regardless of the fie​ld.

My favorite thing to do on campus is…

Hanging out by the Quad when I’m in Lincoln Park, or chill in the student center cafeteria on the 11th floor of the DePaul Center in the Loop.

When I have free time in Chicago, I…

When I have free time in Chicago and if the weather allows me, I love going for long walks. It doesn’t matter if I’m by myself or with someone: I think Chicago is a beautiful city, and I love taking the time to explore it block-by-block.

One positive thing I’ve learned about myself since coming to DePaul is…

One way or another, I usually end up realizing the goals I really care about without having to force myself to follow a tight schedule or roadmap.

After graduation, I’d like to…

Use my technical skills to solve problems that affect people everyday. I hope I can find an organization and driven people to build something that does good in the world. ​

Seorin Chae - South Korea

Name: Seorin Ch​ae

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Area of study: Marketing

I chose my major because…

The intention behind my decision to pursue a marketing degree is two-fold: first and foremost, I have always been fascinated by people, their experiences, behaviors, motivations, etc. Even as a child, I always found myself mentally assessing the problems of those around me in order to help them get to the solution. However, before I can seek to alter, I believe it is imperative to observe and comprehend the issues from as many angles as possible. Marketing is the tool that provides me with a unique lens to understand individuals, societies, and cultures; it assists me in my pursuit to understand the world and its people in a deeper, more personal manner. 

Secondly, I study marketing because business is a particularly pervasive and powerful aspect of modern society; it encompasses nearly every aspect of our lives. Studying marketing helps me to understand the intricacies of the business system and begin to formulate ways to promote beneficial change for the future. DePaul’s marketing program helps me to apply my instinctual talents and my experiences while providing the academic knowledge necessary to serve those in my immediate and international communities.

My favorite thing to do on campus is…

Going to the gym to take yoga, Pilates, and boxing classes. It’s a great way to relieve stress and just take care of my physical health. I also really enjoy hanging out, playing music, and singing with DePaullelujah—a fledgling music group—every Wednesday evening.

When I have free time in Chicago, I…

Enjoy going to The Art Institute to look at the artwork, sketch, and reflect. It’s a great way to step back from the hustle and bustle of the city.

One positive thing I’ve learned about myself since coming to DePaul is…

It sounds cliché to say, but DePaul has truly helped me to realize my potential and recognize my unique, innate talents. Not only have I been privileged enough to spend 2-3 years amongst a genuinely supportive and caring community, but I have encountered and worked with some of the most passionate and brilliant individuals. The simultaneously comforting and stimulating environment has given me the space I have needed to experiment, learn new skills, as well as enhance my current abilities. Although I believe there is much more ahead to learn and experience, DePaul has given me the confidence and awareness necessary to overcome any obstacles that lie before me.

After graduation, I’d like to…

I would like to work in the hospitality and/or tourism business sector. I want to travel and immerse myself in new cultures in order to serve a larger community. I feel this form of business is well-suited to my personality and will give me the creative license to eventually develop or even innovate. Working in either or both of these industries will provide me the opportunities and flexibility to accomplish both my personal and professional goals.

Edgar Camargo Quintero - Mexico

​Name: Edgar Camargo Quintero

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Area of study: Computer Game Development

I chose my major because...

I have loved video games all my life, and have always enjoyed art, creativity, math, engineering, and computers. All of these different subjects are implemented in the development of video games. For that reason, I am majoring in computer game development.​

My favorite thing to do on campus is...

I like working out at the Ray Meyer fitness center, playing soccer, swimming, and roller blading.

When I have free time in Chicago, I...

I exercise either at the gym or outdoors rollerblading or playing tennis. Sometimes I visit the Loop and walk on the streets I haven’t explored before. Also, I like hanging out with friends. If it is warm, I go to the lakeshore or the beach; on cold days I watch anime or play video games at home.

One positive thing I’ve learned about myself since coming to DePaul is...
Discovering what my goal in life is and how I will reach it. I realized how important each person is and want to influence and be influenced by as many people as possible.

After graduation, I’d like to...

Start my own companies and improve the world with the help of the people that share the same dream. ​


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