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Meet Current Students: Global Ambassador Program (GAP)​

GAP Group
 DePaul's Global Ambassadors are a group of dedicated undergraduate international students who work closely with International Admission. The Global Ambassadors assist prospective and admitted undergraduate students with any questions about academics, st​udent life or living in Chicago.​

These Global Ambassadors are more than happy to discuss aspects of DePaul with you, as well as their adjustment to making our unique campuses and city home.  Contact the ambassadors by email at .​​​

Learn more about each ambassador below:

Bao Tran - Vietnam

Name: Bao Tran 

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Area of study: Public Relations & Advertising​

I chose my major be​​cause…​

I want to work in a competitive, fast-paced and professional industry. I am a very outgoing and adventurous person, so PR & Advertising fits my personal traits and strengths the most.

My favorite thing to do on campus is…

​Working out in The Ray. The Ray, in my humble opinion, is the most well-rounded gym I have ever been to. Beside its state-of-the-art equipment for both weight lifting and cardio, The Ray has extra activities in studios and classes such as Zumba, Yoga, etc. Also, there is a bit swimming pool that I use two times a week, a cafeteria that serves snacks and smoothies, a running track, stadiums for other sports like volleyball or basketball, and a huge locker room. The Ray is more than just a good gym, it is a place for you to stay social and release all your stress.

When I have free time in Chicago, I…

Love exploring the city. I love wandering around the city during sunny or warm days with my friends to discover the best and most interesting corners of the city: restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, or just simple places to practice my photographic skills.

One positive thing I’ve learned about myself since coming to DePaul is…

How lucky I am to be a part of DePaul University! My personal motive is "the only limitation is yourself." DePaul has all the factors to be the very best university: great programs, great clubs and activities, phenomenal professors, cutting-edge facilities, and most of all, location in the middle of Chicago. 

After graduation, I’d like to…

Work in an organization or company that allows me to travel. I could not describe how much I am in love with traveling and exploring new places. To me, experience is the most valuable element that excels you not only in work, but also in life.

Mashall Jahangir - Pakistan

Name: Mashall Jahangir
Mashall Jahangir - Pakistan
Mashall Jahangir, Global Ambassador

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Area of study: Data Sciences

I chose my major because…

I believe the best approach is to find a point where you are studying what you love while keeping in mind the scope for your future. As per the first part on my love for data sciences, I think it combines my interest in computers and technologies with my curiosity about the vast amount of information that exists in the world, which data sciences then tries to capture using algorithms and different programming methods. 

My favorite thing to do on campus is…

Go to the Career Center to get my resume updated, finding out about internship programs and future jobs related to my field.

When I have free time in Chicago, I…

Love exploring different neighborhoods and capturing every moment through the lenses. When it's chilly outside, I like walking on the streets and sometimes biking along the lake shore drive. I also workout which then helps me stay focused and active.

One positive thing I’ve learned about myself since coming to DePaul is…

The development of my sense of responsibility. Born in a home in Pakistan with 5 other siblings, I had never truly felt independent or self-sufficient. However, after moving to DePaul, 9000 miles away from home, I got a real sense of responsibility by acquiring different opportunities here from being an Orientation Leader to a Global Ambassador, learning to value hard work and to fulfill my own needs and not being dependent.

After graduation, I’d like to…

Pursue my aspirations of working in Silicon Valley under the blanket of the best technology companies in the world. I hope to avail every opportunity that comes my way which helps me to grow, makes me and the people I care about happy.​

Diya Malaney - Singapore

Name: Diya Malaney​

Hometown: Singapore

Area of study: Marketing and Economics 

I chose my major because...

I've always been interested in a career in business and Marketing and Economics blend my passions together. On top of that, I believe they will give me a comprehensive foundation.

My favorite thing to do on campus is...

Going to the library! I love how the LIncoln Park library is divided into different sections by floor. When I'm looking to finish some quick homework or study with a group of friends, I tend to opt for the 1st or 2nd floor where I can still talk while doing my work. When it's crunch time and I have an essay due that night, I like that I can escape to the 3rd or 4th floor and surround myself in silence so I can get my work done efficiently. 

When I have free time in Chicago, I...

Love exploring the city. When I first moved to Chicago, I didn't see the appeal of the city but once I started exploring different neighborhoods - unique and odd cafes, restaurants, beautiful sceneries - and just wandering aroudn the city I realized all it has to offer. It's become my favorite city in the US.

One positive thing I've learned about myself since coming to DePaul is...

How to grow where you're planted. DePaul has so many resources that one just has to apply themselves to grow and improve. I've made it a point to use the Career Center, the ASK network, the various clubs on campus, my DePaul discount, and the other resources offered to develop myself.

After graduation, I’d like t​​o...

Work in a company or organization that allows me to keep growing and challenging myself with new experiences. I would also like to eventually start a social enterprise to be able to give back to the community.

Guangyao Meng - China

​Name: Guangyao Meng

Hometown: Beijing, China

Area of Study: Economics with minors in Computer Science and Marketing

I chose my major because...

I think economics has existed since the development of human civilization, and almost everything in real life is closely related to economics. I am also interested in economics because it will be a great achievement to know how modern social economy develops. As for my two minors, I have always been interested in these two subjects, so I hope to have a deeper understanding of these two majors through my study and life in DePaul.

My favorite thing to do on campus is...

Make friends with people from different cultural backgrounds. I usually get to know some students organizations and community activities, because many of them are not only designed to be interesting, but also involve many classmates and teachers who share the same interest.

When I have free time in Chicago...

I explore communities with different cultural backgrounds. For example, on weekends, I often go to my favorite community Wicker Park with my friends to enjoy the scenery and the unique trendy culture there. In addition, I will attend some music activities ecause the atmosphere of the live concert is not felt on the phone.

One positive thing I have learned about myself since coming to DePaul is...

Energy! At DePaul, you can find any resources and facilities that will help you. In this way, success can be achieved as long as you set a goal and keep thinking about it and putting persistent energy and enthusiasm into it.

After graduation, I would like to...

Find a job related to my major in the United States and accumulate experience in the process. Start a business in AI and auto industry with my best friends.

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