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The Office of Community & Government Relations (CGR) manages DePaul University's relationship with the state of Illinois. This includes supporting legislation for grants and other financial assistance for students and funding for projects and programs to benefit the DePaul community. CGR tracks legislation in Springfield that impacts the university. The office also coordinates DePaul's response to state requirements on ethics regulations and maintains the university's relations with the state senators and representatives who represent the districts in which our campuses are located.

CGR is DePaul's liaison with the federal government. We work with our senators and representatives to support legislation for higher education. We work with the DePaul Career Center to obtain information on careers in the federal government for students. CGR  works with our senators and representatives to make sure that DePaul's voice is heard on all issues affecting higher education.

Elected Officials:

  • Bruce Rauner, Governor
  • Tammy Duckworth, Senator


Voting is both your constitutional right and your civic responsibility. Registering to vote is simple and takes just a few minutes. With the 2016 Presidential election coming, be sure you are registered to vote for the election.

College students who vote make a difference:

  • The youth vote accounts for nearly one-fifth (19%) of national turnout in elections.

  • Youth (18-29) voter turnout was 50% in the 2012 Presidential election.

  • In the 2012 election, 66% of youth voters had college experience.

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