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Research Initiative

​​Founded during the DePaul Centennial (1998-1999), the Lincoln Park Community Research Initiative (LPCRI) is a partnership of Lincoln Park community organizations, businesses and DePaul University. The goal of the LPCRI is to collect, document and preserve the shared history of DePaul University and the Lincoln Park community. The historical materials collected are housed in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Collection of the DePaul University Library.

To encourage contributions to the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Collection, LPCRI develops and supports research, publications, exhibits and educational programs about the Lincoln Park community. The educational programs, which are held in the Spring and Fall, examine the diverse cultural and political issues of the community and city at large. This initiative ran for 20 years and ended in June of 2023.

​For more information on the Lincoln Park Community Research Initiative, contact Amanda Thompson at (312) 362-5772​.