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Higher Education Sector in the Loop and South Loop - Chicago Loop Alliance

This report published by The Chicago Loop Alliance​ (CLA) presents and analyzes data describing the economic and social impact of the 22 higher education institutions located in the Loop and South Loop areas of the City of Chicago. CLA began studying higher education in the Loop in 2003, and the new data should be read as an update to CLA’s 2004 and 2009 higher education reports. CLA’s 2014 study dovet​ails the findings of the America’s Urban Campus® research.​

America's Urban Campus

America’s Urban Campus​ (AUC), a consortium of 22 not-for-profit Chicago-area colleges and universities, recently released the results of an in-depth study on how Chicago’s higher education system impacts the city, establishing Chicago as a global destination for higher education and post-graduate employment. The study, conducted by Anderson Economic Group, LLC, and funded by The Chicago Community Trust​​, surveyed Chicago’s AUC colleges to determine how the schools collectively benefit students and faculty, impact the workforce and support local businesses. According to the AUC findings, Chicago is a premiere education hub in the United States and beyond.​​​