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Financial Hold and Transcript Release Policy

Tuition and Fees are due in full by the published tuition due dates each quarter. If you are not able to pay your bill, we urge you to contact one our student accounts counselors to discuss payment options. We are here to help you succeed in your educational goals.

Financial Hold 

Financial holds prohibit students from registering for future courses and utilizing university services. 

Transcript Hold 

Transcript holds prevent students from obtaining their transcripts. Students who have a hold that prevents them from obtaining their transcript may obtain their transcript if they need it to for the following reasons:
Complete a job application.
Transfer from one institution of higher education to another.
Apply for State, federal, or institutional financial aid.
Join the United States Armed Forces or Illinois National Guard.
Pursue other postsecondary opportunities.

If you have a transcript hold and want to request a transcript for one of the above reasons, please email and state the reason for your transcript.  

Collection Agency

Accounts with a financial hold may be sent to a collection agency if the balance remains unpaid for one quarter or more and a payment plan has not been established. 

The following accounts may be subject to a registration hold, transcript hold, and referred to a collection agency:
An unpaid balance of $500 or more and are 30 to 60 days past due. 
An unpaid balance of $200 or more and are 60 or more days past due.


 You may file a complaint with or with the Attorney General’s student loan ombudsperson