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IRS Form 1098-T

Eligible colleges and/or other post-secondary institutions must send the Tax Form 1098-T to any student who paid "qualified educational expenses" in the preceding tax year. Qualified educational expenses include tuition, any fees that are required for enrollment, and course materials the student was required to buy from the school.

Please note that there are exceptions to the distribution process and that the university may not be required to prepare Form 1098-T for every student even if they paid for qualified educational expenses. For more information on eligibility see below. 

  • Any student enrolled in any classes during the calendar year for which the student was charged tuition for courses which offered academic credit
  • Any student enrolled in the prior calendar year who has had an adjustment or transaction made during the current calendar year
Below is a list of reasons a student may not qualify to receive a 1098T tax form.
  • Students who recieve no charges and/or academic credit.
  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses were covered fully by scholarships, grants, and/or employee waivers.
  • Students whose charges were fully covered by a third party via formal billing arrangement with the institution.
  • Non-resident alien student.
If you feel you should have received a 1098T form, please contact Student Accounts via email at or via phone (312) 362 - 8610. 


To access your 1098-T through campus connect, please navigate to the path below:

Campus connect > Student Accounts tile > ePay/eBill button > click the 1098t link on the main page.

You can also access your form from our vendor's website.  You will be required to enter your school and other personal information.

If you would like to sign up for electronic delivery of your form in the future, please visit and follow the step-by-step web form to give Heartland ECSI consent to send your 1098-T form  to you.  

If you have any questions in regards to your tax document, please visit Heartland ECSI for more information.

DePaul University has partnered with Heartland ECSI to distribute our 1098-T Tax Statements electronically. Online access to the 1098-T Tax Statement eliminates the risk of the statement getting lost, misdirected, or even delayed during delivery. Students who wish to recieve their Tax Statement electronically will need to provide Heartland ECSI with Consent to distribute the tax form via the following web address:

Box 1: Payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses

  • Box 1 As of 2018 Universities are required to report payments received.

Box 2: Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses

  • The total amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses less any related reductions in charges. If an amount is provided in Box 1, then Box 2 is blank.

Box 3: Check if you have changed your reporting method for 2014

  • This indicates whether DePaul University has changed its 1098-T reporting method (amounts billed or amounts paid) from the previous year. DePaul University has not changed its method of reporting, therefore this box is left blank.

Box 4: Adjustments made for a prior year

  • Any adjustment made for a prior year for qualified tuition and related expenses that were reported on a prior year Form 1098-T. This amount may reduce the allowable education credit or deduction you may have claimed for the prior year.

Box 5: Scholarships or Grants

  • Is the total of all scholarships or grants administered and processed by the eligible educational institution. The amount of scholarships or grants for the calendar year (including those not reported by the institution) may reduce the amount of any education credit or deduction you may claim for the year.

Box 6: Adjustments to Scholarships or Grants for a prior year

  • Is an adjustment to scholarships or grants for a prior year. This amount may affect the amount of any allowable education credit or deduction you may have claimed for the prior year.

Box 7: Check this box if the amount in Box 1 or 2 includes amounts for an academic period beginning January - March 2015

  • If this box is checked, the amount in Box 1 or 2 includes amounts that were billed for the academic period beginning January through March 2015.

Box 8: Check if at least half-time student

  • This indicates if DePaul University considers you having carried at least one-half the normal full-time workload for your course study for any academic term during tax year. If you were at least a half-time student for at least one academic term during the tax year, you met one of the requirements for the American Opportunity Credit. You do not have to meet the workload requirement to qualify for the Tuition and Fees Deduction or the Lifetime Learning Credit.

Box 9: Check if a Graduate Student

  • Indicates whether you are enrolled in program leading to a graduate degree, graduate level certificate or other recognized graduate-level educational credential during the tax year. If you were enrolled in a graduate program, you are not eligible for the American Opportunity Credit, but you may qualify for the Tuition and Fees Deduction or the Lifetime Learning Credit.

Box 10: Insurer contract reimb/refund

  • Indicates the total amount of reimbursements or refunds of qualified tuition and related expenses made by an insurer. This box is not used by DePaul University and is left blank.

The Service Provider/Acct. No.

  • This is the box in the lower left corner of the 1098-T form. We provide DePaul University's service provider help line in this box.

The Tax Relief Act of 1997 may provide you with an opportunity for tax savings through the Hope Scholarship Credit (American Opportunity Tax Credit) and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit. These two tax credits are based on payments made for tuition and certain related educational costs. If you have questions about how to compute your education tax credit, you should consult your tax professional or refer to the IRS. DePaul University is not able to provide tax advice, but the following are links to further information on 1098-T forms and tax credits:

  • IRS website at
  • IRS Telephone Assistance Hotline: (800) 829-1040
We sent you this email to notify you that DePaul University has partnered with Heartland ECSI to distribute 1098-T Tax Statements Electronically. If you would like to receive your 1098-T Tax Statement electronically, you will need to give consent to Hearland ECSI via this form

Nothing in the language above should be interpreted to be tax advice. If you have any questions regarding your particular tax situation, including what education-related deductions and/or credits for which you may be eligible, the university recommends you consult with a qualified tax professional.​