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How do I withdraw from a course?

You can withdraw from a course through "Web Registration" on Campus Connect​. Ceasing to attend classes or notifying the instructor does not constitute an authorized withdrawal.

How much will I be charged for a course if I withdraw?

Upon processing a withdrawal request, tuition charges will be reduced according to the following schedule:

  • Until 10 business days after the beginning of the term: 100 percent
  • After that date: 0 percent

For courses of five weeks or less, but more than two weeks' duration, no reduction will be granted after the first week of the term. For workshops or courses of two weeks or less duration, no refunds will be granted after the workshop or course begins.​

How do I appeal to have charges waived?

Appeals must be done in writing. Please contact your college office for more information on their process. All appeals are reviewed individually, and students will be notified of the appeal decision. If you are withdrawing for family or medical reasons, we suggest that you contact the Dean of Students Office at (773) 325-7290 for assistance.​