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Perkins Loan

DePaul University has partnered with University Accounting Services (UAS) to service all Federal Perkins loan accounts. To access and make a payment, you may visit the UAS website or call (800) 999-6227.

The Federal Perkins loan does have certain cancellation/deferment provisions that may apply to you. To determine whether you may qualify, please contact University Accounting Service at (800) 999-6227. If you are ready to initiate the request, you may obtain the documentation electronically by going to

For more information on Perkins Loans, please visit the University Accounting Service website. We also suggest you review their Frequently Asked Questions section.

DePaul University conducts interviews on Perkins Loans to meet federal requirements. The initial request to complete the exit-interview is sent via email by University Accounting Service. If this is not completed, we will send a physical copy of the questionnaire to the address on file. Please note that until the exit-interview is completed, a financial block may be administered, preventing the release of your transcripts/diploma.