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There is seamless login access for students via Campus Connect. Look for the "ePAY/eBILL" links in the left-side menu or in your Student Center.

You can view your detailed account information in real time, and all changes that impact your student account balance, including payments and charges, will be reflected on both the ePAY site and your Student Center in Campus Connect.

You will also be able to view your current or past bills. You can obtain your bills in printable PDF format. Please note that paper bills will no longer be mailed. If you need a printed copy, you will need to print the PDF version of the statement. You also may view your historic bills through your Student Center by clicking on the link under "View ePAY/eBILL."

Click Here to g view step-by-step instructions.

Payments you make via ePAY will be immediately posted to your student account. Your student account status will be updated in real time, and you will receive confirmation of your payment via email. All payments can be viewed under the transaction history link. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and electronic checks are accepted forms of payment. Please note that phone payments will no longer be accepted.

Authorized payers, including parents, guardians, etc., will be assigned a personal user login to increase security for their transactions. Students will have the ability to set up one or more authorized payers on the ePAY site, designating the username and password. The payer will receive an email including the user login, but will need to obtain the password directly from the student for increased security. (The temporary password will be changed by the authorized payer at the time of the first login.) The authorized payer will be able to view the student's account activity and balance due, and confirm the student's name when making payments.

Whenever an authorized payer makes a payment toward your tuition account, an email notification is sent to the student advising them of the payment made. Included in the email is the form of payment, payment date, payment amount and confirmation number.

Yes. An authorized payer can be canceled at any time by the student. An email notification will be sent to the authorized payer.

Students and authorized payers will be able to create multiple payment profiles for different forms of payments (e.g., credit cards, electronic checks). This will allow the user to enter banking and credit card information for each profile that is optionally stored for payment processing. If you previously set up banking or credit card information, you will need to re-enter your choices on the new site. For security reasons, we are not able to transfer your previous payment information.

Students and authorized payers will be able to update their notification preferences. The authorized payer must enter a primary email address to receive notification when a new bill is available. Student emails will be sent to the email address marked as "preferred" in Campus Connect. Any changes made to this email address must be made via Campus Connect.