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Employer Tuition Deferral Plan

The Employer Tuition Deferral Plan is a payment plan designed for students whose employers offer tuition reimbursement. This plan allows the tuition due to be deferred until after the end of term for a fee.

The application process for the Employer Tuition Deferral Plan is online and available through Campus Connect.

A $125 application fee covers the academic year: Fall, Winter and Spring. However, students may apply per quarter with a fee of $50 per quarter. There is a seperate $50 application fee for each Summer term.

The fee is non-refundable. There are no exceptions to this policy.

No. Bills and grades will be issued to students only and not to employers. If a student is interested in third-party billing, contact the Third-Party Coordinator at (312) 362-8391.

No. As stated in the terms and conditions of this program, tuition is due on the published due date, even if a student's company is late with reimbursement. Regardless of when the employer reimburses the student, it is the student's responsibility to pay the balance in full on or before the tuition due date. Students who experience this delay from their employers typically pay tuition using a credit card.

Students are responsible for paying their tuition accounts in full by the tuition due date whether or not they have completed the work for their courses and received reimbursement from their employer. However, you should speak with a Tuition Counselor at (312) 362-8610 to discuss your specific situation to see if an exception is possible.

No. Students are responsible for paying their tuition accounts in full by the extended tuition due date whether or not they have been issued their grades. There is no additional extension for this plan.

Tuition due dates are not negotiable, and delinquent fees and a prohibit block will apply to students who do not meet the tuition due date deadlines. Failure to meet the application agreement will jeopardize future participation in the program and may prevent future enrollment.

Students are allowed to participate in the Employer Tuition Deferral Plan while receiving financial aid as long as a copy of their company's policy is submitted and approved. The student must contact a Tuition Counselor at (312) 362-8610 before submitting any documents.

To see when you can apply and all pertinent information about this program, please visit the Employer Tuition Deferral Plan page in the Payment Plans section of our site.