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Direct Deposit

Using the direct deposit method to receive refunds in lieu of paper checks will ensure faster access to funds throughout the year and especially during the holiday season, when the university is able to electronically deposit student refunds even though the university is officially closed. This will give access to refunds approximately seven days sooner than if the refund was issued by paper check. The electronic process is also more secure and will eliminate the possibility of a check being lost in the mail or mishandled in the postal service.

As of November 1, 2007, the Department of Education has given permission to colleges and universities to require that students provide banking information to the institution, which will enable the electronic deposit of student aid refunds into the student's designated checking or savings account.

Log in to your Campus Connect account and provide your banking information to receive your refund via direct deposit: 

Campus Connect > Student Account > Ebill/Epay> Refunds

To update your banking information, log in to your Campus Connect .

Campus Connect > Student Account > Ebill/Epay> Electronic Refunds

Click the Electronic Refunds link to update your banking information. 

As of January 1, 2009, refund check pickup at university Payment Centers has been eliminated to further minimize the risk of mishandling refund checks. If you receive your refunds via paper checks, you will receive your check via U.S. mail. In-person pickup for paper checks is no longer available.