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International Payments

​DePaul University accepts international payments through our partner Flywire. It's a secure and trusted way to pay online from any country and any bank, typically using your home currency and preferred method.

  • Pay from accounts from outside of US
  • Choose from various payment methods that range from bank transfer, credit cards, e-payments, and more for most countries and territories
  • Save on currency exchange rates and avoid fees assessed by your bank
  • Track the progress of your payment anytime online and receive email and text alerts each step of the way including when your payment reaches DePaul
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support available via phone, Live-Chat, WeChat and email
How to make an International Payment:

  1. To start payment log into Campus Connect.
  2. Navigate to Student Accounts and select “Flywire International Payment”.
  3. You are now in the secure DePaul international payment page.
  4. Select your country of origin from the drop-down list.
  5. Select your preferred payment method.
  6. Enter basic identification information for the university to identify your payment.
  7. Confirm your payment details and receive your payment instructions.
  8. Complete your payment. (For wire transfer payment methods, this means you would send your funds to the bank account provided.)
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For payment related questions or assistance, contact Flywire multilingual customer support. 
Phone: +1.800.346.9252