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Application Requirements

​​​2023-2024 Academic Year Update

New applications are being accepted during the 2023-2024 academic year.​​

Requirements for Admission to the Society
Applicants for membership must have a tenured appointment in one of the University’s colleges or schools and the rank of associate or full professor at the time of application.

The Application Process
Applicants are encouraged to review the materials posted on the Society's website:

Applicants must submit the following:

  • A letter of application (three pages maximum, single spaced), that addresses the following:
    • Evidence of a commitment to the mission of the Society of Vincent de Paul Professors;
    • Demonstrated commitment to current Society initiatives (see “Activities of the Society” above) or new initiatives consistent with the University's mission;
    • Evidence of past projects or activities that are relevant to the mission of the Society;
    • Active leadership that directly contributes to the enhancement of the University’s mission and values. This can include service contributions at all levels of the University as well as professional and community service;
    • Consistently outstanding classroom teaching across a broad base of students;
    • Recognized and outstanding scholarly or artistic achievements;
    • Evidence and thoughtful reflection on how being a member of the Society will enhance the applicant’s teaching and scholarship.
    • Note: Letters of application that were used for promotion and tenure will not be reviewed.
  • A current c.v.
  • Evidence of teaching excellence. Applicants must include:
    • A list of courses taught over the past three years;
    • Three syllabi and the three corresponding OTEs (include both statistical pages/graphs and student responses) for courses taught within the past three years.
    • Faculty who have been on leave or had a reduced teaching load during that three year period may choose syllabi and the corresponding teaching evaluations for courses taught within the past five years.  They should include a note in their application materials explaining the circumstances that warrant the longer time period for the assessment of their teaching record.
  • Applicants must compile all of the above materials into one pdf in the order listed above and email the pdf to
  • Three letters of recommendation (maximum). One letter must be from the applicant’s Dean. All letters must address the applicant’s qualifications for admission to the Society, including their teaching, scholarship and service contributions at DePaul. Letters may also address the applicant’s service contributions to their profession and community. Letters that were written for promotion and tenure will not be reviewed. Letters must not exceed 2 pages and must be sent directly (by letter writers) to

Membership applications will be evaluated based on the ability of the applicant to meet or exceed the criteria listed above. The Membership Committee will not review applications that fail to adhere to the application guidelines described above. The Society is committed to building and maintaining a diverse membership and adhering to the principles that promote inclusive practices. The Society encourages applications from individuals who can contribute to the diversity of the Society (encompassing a wide range of characteristics, including race, ethnicity, cultural or socioeconomic background, religion, sex, gender, disability, etc.), whose work aligns closely with the mission of the Society, and who convey a strong vision of how they would contribute to that mission. Strong candidates will have – in addition to outstanding teaching, research or artistic contributions, service, and leadership – a demonstrated record of commitment to building a diverse educational environment.

The Committee will keep applications “live” on file for a maximum two years, if requested. Applicants who choose to re-apply for admission to the Society in the second year must indicate this in an email, and submit a current C.V. to the Committee Chair. Although only the new C.V. and email stating intention to re-apply are required in the second year, applicants are recommended to update their other materials (e.g., new examples of teaching excellence) when relevant. After this two year period, applicants continuing to seek admission into the Society should prepare a new application file, including a new C.V., updated teaching materials, and new letters of recommendation.

Application Process Timeline

  • Applicants must submit their application materials to by February 15.
  • All letters of recommendation must be submitted to by February 15.
  • Confirmation of our receipt of application materials and letters of recommendations will be sent by March 1.
  • The Membership Committee will review all applications in March/April. The full Society membership will conduct a ballot vote on applicants’ materials in early May. Applicants will be notified of the outcome shortly thereafter.
  • If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Professor Dustin Goltz​, Membership Committee Chair at​. ​