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DePaul Experience Task Force

The DePaul Experience Task Force, a cross-section of faculty, staff and students, was appointed to identify innovative ways to improve student engagement and school spirit. An important goal in the new strategic plan, Grounded in Mission, calls on the university to ensure a welcoming, engaging, diverse, and inclusive campus environment.
Specifically, the task force will:
  • examine the higher education landscape to determine best practices, including in co- and extra-curricular activities
  • analyze relevant data to inform and support inquiry
  • identify strategies to achieve its objectives
  • develop the budget needed to implement proposed strategies; and
  • recommend a set of strategies to the president.
The task force is expected to complete its work in June 2019.

Task Force Co-Chairs

Georgianna Torres Reyes, Associate Vice President, Mission and Ministry 
Rico Tyler, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

Task Force Members

Carolyn Bronstein, Professor, Associate Dean, Communication
Gisselle Cervantes, Student Representative
Lawrence Hamer, Associate Provost for Research and Diversity, Academic Affairs
Alyssa Isberto, Student Representative
Tracy Krahl, Associate Vice President of Communications and Engagement, Advancement
Robbie Merkel, Student Representative
Maureen McGonagle, Director of Campus Recreation, Facility Operations
Yuki Miyamoto, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Kate O’Brien, Associate Athletics Director for Academic Advising, Athletics
Don Opitz, Interim Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies