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Faculty/Staff Work Order System

You must have authorization in order to access the system. If you would like to request access to the system, please click here

For Faculty/Staff Only

Facility Operations requires that electronic work orders be submitted for any and all requests for services to be performed by its various maintenance units: custodial, electrical, engineering, carpentry, and painting. 

First time user requests for system authorization should be e-mailed to the respective campus Facility Manager by department heads. 

Loop Campus: 

Lincoln Park Campus: 

Users must have the authority to approve electronic work orders that may require chargebacks to departmental operating budgets from time to time. Examples of work that is charged and not charged back can be found here - Chargebacks

Once approved, the respective Facility Manager will notify the authorized person via e-mail with instructions on how to login to the system for the first time. 

Not all requests will be approved, and access to the work order system is typically restricted to 2-3 individuals per department. Individuals with no access should contact the person in their department who does have access and have them submit a request on their behalf. 

When submitting an electronic work order, please be sure to provide the following information: name, telephone extension, department, location of service requested, and specific detail pertaining to the nature of the request itself. 

All electronic work orders received will be reviewed by the Facility Operations administrative staff and assigned to the appropriate maintenance unit for action. Requested work will be assigned a priority based on when the work order was received and the nature of the work requested. 

The Facility Operations office will contact users via the work order 'comments' system if there is a problem with completing the requested work in a timely manner. 

Please note: As a result of summer and winter routine maintenance, the timing and performance of work requests may vary.