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DePaul University strives to provide facilities and access to facilities in compliance with ADA. Students should contact the Center for Students with Disabilities with any ADA inquiries. Faculty and staff should contact Human Resources with any ADA inquiries.
Most Loop and Lincoln Park buildings operate under a schedule that has them open and accessible Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. through 10:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday schedules will typically operate between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. 

Building hours change on occasion based on special use requirements (i.e. extended hours for labs and libraries during exam weeks, etc.). Please check with the respective building administrators, or the respective campus Public Safety Office for any possible changes in building schedules.

Access to buildings during off-hours (i.e. late evenings, weekends and holidays) may be obtained by contacting your respective campus Public Safety Office, which will require you to submit an access request in writing, in advance. In the request be sure to indicate: 
  1. Your name
  2. Department
  3. Building/floor/room number to be accessed
  4. Date, time and estimated duratino of visit
  5. Reason for access
You will be required to present identification, and in some cases sign-in, when arriving at campus on the specified dates and times. Additionally, Facility Operations will not alter the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service schedule to accommodate off-hours access. 

Please Note: During the Christmas holiday shutdown building temperatures are maintained at a level that provides minimum building protection only. If you require access to a building during that timeframe, please dress warmly.
Removal of articles from any building requires the person removing same to obtain a building pass. Building passes may be obtained from your respective campus Public Safety Office. 

Additionally, please see the Office of Procurement and Payment policy on the disposal of university assets.
Classroom Furniture: 
Facility Operations is responsible for maintaining the correct count of chairs, tables, desks, and podiums in all general use classrooms. Instructors who require specific teaching set-ups (i.e. tables and chairs versus tablet arm chairs) should contact their respective college office or loopclassroom@depaul.edu (Loop campus only). 

Please note that the technology podiums, PCs, speakers, etc., are managed and maintained by Classroom Technologies. 

Classroom Supplies: 
Classroom supplies (i.e. chalk, erasers, etc.) are supplied by Facility Operations, with the stock of each room replenished on a daily basis. If supplies are low or missing in a classroom you are using, please contact Facility Operations immediately for replacements.
Housekeeping/Janitorial Services:
  • Monday night through Friday night all academic and administrative buildings are cleaned. Saturday and Sunday night, only common areas (i.e. public restrooms, hallways, corridors, etc.) are cleaned.
  • Monday through Sunday all residence halls are cleaned, during the day. Only common areas are cleaned, not individual rooms.(Lincoln Park Only)
  • Monday through Saturday DePaul in-house staff performs small moves and set-ups for departments and organizations. We provide tables, chairs, and grills at no charge to the users, as long as it is a University sponsored function.
  • Any set-ups done on Sundays, the labor cost is charged back to the requesting department or organization.
  • Any cleanup after an event held by an outside organization is charged back to the user.
  • Classroom furniture stays set-up in lecture style, no other way.
  • Classroom furniture is never "temporarily" moved into the hallway.
  • The furniture in SAC Pit does not get moved out of the Pit. (Lincoln Park Only)
Window Cleaning:
The university contracts with a window cleaning vendor for the provision of this service. All exterior windows are cleaned semi-annually, with interior windows cleaned on an annual basis. Building entrance glass (doors and sidelights) are cleaned regularly as part of evening cleaning operations.

Please Note: During summer and December break periods all resilient floor surfaces (vinyl tile, etc.) are stripped and waxed. Carpet shampooing and cleaning of common area upholstered furniture occurs annually, during the summer months. Special requests for this type of work, which deviates from the aforementioned schedule, must be made by submitting an electronic work order.
Construction is defined as any and all work that alters the physical configuration or function of any particular space or building (i.e. construction of new walls, demolition of existing walls, office or classroom renovations, etc.). Construction requests must be submitted to your department head or area vice president for review and approval to proceed into the development and pricing phase. If approval is granted the request should then be directed to the office of Project Management. Projects that are eventually approved to proceed into the execution phase will require funding sources to be identified by the requesting department. 

Please Note: The Project Management component of Facility Operations is responsible for coordinating all facility design and construction services. Individual departments are prohibited from contracting for these services directly.
Office of Procurement and Payment policy dictates that all goods purchased through the university purchase order system, which are not available to ship via UPS or USPS, must be specified for inside delivery. This means that the vendor must arrange for their goods to be delivered directly to individual departments, as there is no centralized receiving at the university. Contact your respective campus Facility Operations office to determine the particular building loading dock hours to relay to your vendor. Additionally, all furnishings must be shipped assembled or assembled by a university preferred vendor on-site, and be specified for inside delivery. 

If the vendor is unable to provide inside delivery services, please contact the Facility Operations office prior to placing your order to discuss what other moving options may be available on a case-by-case basis. 

Tractor-trailer deliveries are not accommodated in most cases, as there are no loading docks capable of accommodating a semi-truck on either campus.

Facility Operations has no short or intermediate term storage for deliveries that come ahead of schedule. If departments are not ready to receive the delivered goods, the delivery will be rejected. 

Failure to specify inside delivery or provide advance notification to Facility Operations may result in the delivery being refused.
Facility Operations does not provide a shredding service, but sensitive documents can be incinerated or shredded by an outside vendor, R4 Services, who will issue a certificate of destruction.
Prior to the purchase of new electronic equipment (i.e. PCs, printers, copiers, etc.) it is recommended that you contact your respective campus Facility Operations office to conduct a survey of existing electrical capacities in the area that the equipment will operate. Some building/floor areas do not have sufficient electrical capacity to accommodate new equipment or the relocation of existing equipment, and may require additional or specialized service to be installed. Make your request by submitting an electronic work order to Facility Operations, who will dispatch a staff electrician to investigate. You will be e-mailed by the Facility Manager with the results of the survey, and provided with information pertaining to: what, if any, work is required; related costs of the work; and projected timeframes to complete the work. 

There are certain electrical products that are not permitted to be used at any time, as City of Chicago building and safety codes prohibits them. These include:
  • Extension cords
  • Hot plates
  • Space heaters
  • Cord-type surge protection devices with cords over 6 feet in length
Facility Operations reserves the right to confiscate all hazardous items upon discovery. Hazardous items purchased with university funds will be discarded or destroyed. Hazardous items purchased by individuals will be returned to them under the condition that they immediately remove the items from campus.
Facility Operations is responsible for the general and preventive maintenance to be performed on all elevator and escalator units in university buildings. Please call Facility Operations to report any malfunctions as soon as they are noticed (i.e. skipping of floors, improper leveling, etc.). Work orders should not be placed for elevator/escalator problems as this will delay service. During non-business hours (before 7:30am/after 4:30pm) report all elevator/escalator problems to your respective campus Public Safety Office

Freight elevator service is available at Lewis, CDM, and DePaul Center only. Contact the Loop Facility Operations office to check for specific hours of operation.
All heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment is controlled and maintained by the engineering staff of Facility Operations. It is Facility Operations policy to maintain a summer operating temperature between 72 and 76 degrees, and a winter operating temperature between 68 and 72 degrees. Facility Operations engineers will adjust HVAC equipment as needed to maintain space temperatures within that range. If your particular work area or department seems to be uncomfortably cool or warm, please contact your respective campus Facility Operations office. Engineers will be dispatched to review and correct the situation. In certain cases, buildings are controlled by building automation systems. In these instances, adjustments may occur without an engineer being dispatched to the site. 

After hours (4:30pm) complaints? Please contact your respective Public Safety Office

Please Note: Faculty and staff working during building 'off-hours'(see Building Access and Hours drop-down) are advised that the temperature may fall below or rise above the 68-76 degree range, and engineering staff will not make adjustments to HVAC systems in these instances. 

During the Christmas holiday shutdown building temperatures are maintained at a level that provides minimum building protection only. If you require access to a building during that timeframe, please dress warmly.
To request keys for offices, desks, and cabinets, you must submit an electronic work order to Facility Operations with the following information: building and room number; key number (if known); and who within the department will receive the keys. Requests for keys to restricted and/or privileged access areas may require approval from the unit department head who will be contacted via e-mail by the Facility Manager. Keys that were once in the possession of terminated employees must be returned to Facility Operations or signed-out by newly appointed employee(s). 

Lost keys must be reported to both the Facility Operations and Public Safety Office. Public Safety will determine whether or not locks need to be re-cored (re-keyed), advising Facility Operations of same. All related re-coring/re-keying charges are the responsibility of the department.
The respective campus Public Safety Offices provide lost and found service. Please contact them directly for lost article inquiries.
Requests for cabling and terminations related to network computer connections and telephone service must be directed to the Networks and Telecommunications department. Networks and Telecommunications will then coordinate all cabling and termination work with Facility Operations, charging back the requesting department.
Room Reservations:
Requests for the use and/or rental of university space by both internal and external individuals or groups must be made through the respective campus building space rental facilitators. See the 'Meeting Resources' section of the DePaul website for additional information.

Please do not contact Facility Operations directly for services related to a scheduled use of space or special event.

Room Set-Ups:
The respective building space facilitators will coordinate special set-ups that may be required as part of a scheduled room use/event. Set-ups for events not scheduled through a building space facilitator can be submitted via the electronic work order system. All Monday through Friday event set-up requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours before the event, and all weekend set-ups must be submitted a minimum of 72 hours before the event.
Space Planning:
Space planning is a centrally coordinated process that is tied directly to the strategic mission of the university. Space planning activity and the use of consultants is directed by the Project Management component of Facility Operations. Please contact them directly with all inquiries related to space planning activity.

Space Requests (New or Additional):
Requests for new or additional space (i.e. offices, classrooms, and support space) must be submitted to your department head, area vice president, or dean, who will review and determine whether or not to petition the Executive Vice President or Provost to approve the request. If a request is approved, Project Management will be contacted to determine whether or not space is available to meet the request.