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​​Why does DePaul have a Compliance Program?

DePaul's Compliance program kicked off in the fall of 2003. DePaul's board of trustees recognized the risk potential and identified the need for a system of checks and balances, where every employee is held accountable for his or her job responsibilities and actions.

One of the charges of DePaul University's Office of Compliance is ensuring that university resources are used appropriately. Instances of misconduct can cause a major impact on a university's operations and reputation. The Misconduct Reporting Hotline is available for reporting instances.

Why does DePaul University need a Misconduct Reporting Hotline?

The Misconduct Reporting Hotline does NOT replace your supervisor, chain-of-command, or other areas of the university such as the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity, Internal Audit, Human Resources, and the Office of the General Counsel. It creates an option to report suspected misconduct or violations of any laws or university policies when you do not know where to report them or when you wish to report anonymously. 

Is the Misconduct Reporting Hotline confidential? 

You will have the option to provide your name and contact information. If you opt to provide your name and contact information, this will be included in the report to DePaul University. The university is committed to balancing the interests of all parties involved in the investigation of complaints and will attempt to keep the name of the complainant confidential and to respect the rights of the individual against whom the complaint was made, to the extent that it is possible. Further, when credible information received through an investigation shows that there may be violations of other university policies, the appropriate officials will be notified. 

How do I file a report? 

You have the ability to file a confidential, anonymous report via either the telephone at 1-877- 236-8390 or online at

What will happen to the information I provide? 

DePaul has a triage team that reviews and investigates all reports. Depending upon the nature of the report and the team's decision, the investigating office, in consultation with appropriate university officials, will determine the appropriate course of action to resolve the issue. 

Where do these reports go? Who can access them? 

Reports are entered directly on a secure server available only to specific individuals within DePaul who are charged with evaluating the report, based upon the type of violation.