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Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Risk Management is to increase DePaul's risk intelligence to proactively respond to risks and seek opportunities to further achievement of the university mission and strategic objectives.

Alignment of Risk Management Activities

The Office of Risk Management oversees the coordination of the university’s Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), and Internal Audit (IA) departments. The alignment of these activities provides an efficient and effective organizational structure where risk is discussed in a common language and intelligence is shared in a way that enables a holistic approach of risk management.

The Office of Risk Management was created to align risk management and risk assurance activities.
Figure: Alignment of risk management activities

This is done by:

  • Shared risk assessment that aligns with the university’s strategic objectives and goals and informs the risk mitigation and assurance processes
  • Multi-tiered risk-based plans, at both the enterprise and process levels, that respond to, monitor, and provide assurance on the university’s most significant risks
  • Shared communication throughout each process’s lifecycles to increase risk intelligence and enable a proactive stance

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