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Executive Compliance Committee

​​​​​​The Executive Compliance Committee (ECC) is established to convene key department compliance stakeholders across DePaul University to discuss and share critical compliance related topics. The ECC assists the university in maintaining an effective compliance program by enabling the coordination of compliance activities across the university and ensuring that such activities are reasonably designed, implemented, and effective in preventing and detecting compliance risks and violations. The committee represents and promotes the university's fundamental commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity across the institution. The ECC is led by the Office of Compliance with committee membership representing many areas across the institution. ECC Committee Members

The committee members responsibilities include the following:

  • Maintain accountability for compliance and report to the ECC on compliance activities, trends, and issues. 
  • Identify, assess, and mitigate current and emerging compliance risks that are relevant to the university's mission and objective.
  • Identify and propose policies or procedures to improve compliance processes across the university.
  • Coordinate with other relevant institutional committees, as needed, to further compliance program goals across the university.