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Shared Governance Presidential Fellows Program

​​As part of further developing a rigorous and transparent shared governance, DePaul will establish a new fellowship program. The Shared Governance Presidential Fellow will work closely with Faculty Council, the executive administration, deans, and other individuals in key leadership positions.

DePaul will offer one fellowship to examine the tenets of shared governance and explore how they are enacted across the university through such existing mechanisms as the Faculty Handbook and Faculty Council, as well as other practices.

The faculty fellow will identify specific areas of shared governance that require recalibration to be more closely connected with key principles, including decision-making processes related to the primary and participatory responsibilities of faculty, as outlined in the handbook. The fellow will conduct research on DePaul’s systems of shared governance, as well as review best practices and case studies from other universities.

The Shared Governance Fellow will be required to develop an action plan in consultation with the president, the provost, and Faculty Council leadership to be addressed during the appointment term. The deliverables at the completion of the fellowship include:

  1. Create actionable recommendations for strengthening shared governance between the administration, the Board of Trustees, Faculty Council, and the faculty. The actions should result in the proposal of a system or structure for a specific area of shared governance that requires improvement or that does not currently exist.
  2. At the end of the project, meet jointly with Faculty Council leadership, university president, provost, and members of the board to review their respective recommendations and develop an action plan with a timeline.
  3. Present the project and findings to the Faculty Council and the Joint Council at their respective meetings in the fall after the fellowship has finished.

Per the recommendation of Faculty Council, the Shared Governance Presidential Fellowship Program is open to all tenured faculty members with experience in shared governance related issues. One fellowship will be available for the 2023-24 academic year. Applications are due no later than Monday, April 24, and the successful candidate will be announced in the spring quarter.

Application Process

To apply, candidates must:

  • Complete an online statement of interest
  • Provide a current CV
  • List the names of two references
  • Submit a letter of support from your dean
  • Submit a 4–5-page project proposal