Designing DePaul

The Designing DePaul December 2023 eBook is now available online and incorporates community feedback collected from the review process of the first draft.

View or download the Designing DePaul eBook as a PDF or EPUB file at the following link.

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The Designing DePaul Initiatives website is your resource for all information related to defining and designing DePaul’s future. Updates are posted regularly with the latest Designing DePaul information and actions.

Each initiative has a dedicated page — featuring a visual timeline, recent updates, and related events and milestones. Please browse through the website and explore the content.

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How We Got Here


October 2023 — Designing DePaul Initiatives website launched

Learn More About the Initiatives


September 2023 — Feedback on Designing DePaul Accepted

Learn More About the Commenting Period


August 2023 — Designing DePaul Preliminary Draft

Read the Report


February - May 2023 - Designing DePaul Sessions

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January 2023 - Designing DePaul Kickoff

View the Design Framework


November 2022 - President Inaugurated

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August 2022 - President’s 125-Day Transition Approach

Review the Transition Approach