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Quality Assurance Review

​Compliance and Risk Management has developed a Quality Assurance Review (QAR) program that evaluates the performance of the university's budget managers against DePaul's management standards. Every department within the university will participate in a QAR.

Each QAR is conducted by a Compliance & Risk Analyst. The reviewer uses the opportunity to coach budget managers on how to effectively manage a department's business processes.

A department will be notified several weeks before a reviewer will conduct a QAR. The budget manager will then receive a list of items to have available. The reviewer will go over the items and seek input and supporting evidence from the budget manager.

If a department is having difficulty meeting the management standards, Compliance and Risk Management will work with the budget manager to address any gaps in standards or performance. A follow-up review will be conducted shortly after. Results of this process will be reported to the Audit Committee of the university's Board of Trustees.

The Compliance department also offers a management standards consultation, referred to as QAR 101. This 90-minute meeting provides one-on-one guidance on how to appropriately and efficiently conduct business as a DePaul budget manager. This service is ideal for newly formed departments or for anyone interested in gaining more expertise with university policy or management standards. 

For questions regarding QARs or to speak with a reviewer, contact:

Montey Caston
(312) 362-6395

QAR Preparation Checklist